BellSouth (att?) with a clue in Raleigh, NC

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Sat Mar 10 20:53:05 CST 2012

Generally speaking these services are available anywhere AT&T has wires:


due to these being the old tariffed services. If you call about ISDN, they
will likely say, huh what is that? The easiest way to get T1 in service is
to use a reseller. They will be deal with the ILEC for you. The cost will
also be lower. This is what I did when I needed a T1 to the house out here
in the country. I am 34,000 wire feet from the central office. My options
were those above. I cycled through each one as I needed more and more speed.

Kenneth M. Chipps Ph.D.

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Looks like no dice on uverse, says its not available. i thought uverse was
fios though atleast that was my understanding. now im even more confused,
how can att/bellsouth be the ILEC and have zero internet options at all but
be offering pots? Only logical thing I can think of is distance from the CO
making dsl a no-go but i cant get an actual qual to atleast confirm that :(

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> Google for their Uverse site and check if u can get it... They will do 
> Uverse (Internet only). Only if u order online....
> Faisal
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> On Mar 10, 2012, at 9:02 PM, chris <tknchris at> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I am trying to look into dsl in the RDU area and at&t customer 
> > service
> has
> > been exceedingly unhelpful only telling me "no service available, we 
> > have no idea when services will become available, check back
> > I would atleast like to get an answer that theres no available 
> > capacity, its over the 18k limit of dsl, or some other logical 
> > answer. Is there anyone at bellsouth/att or one of their clec's who 
> > can help me do some qual's and hopefully also help get this delivered?
> >
> > i did some lookups on known pots in the area and came up with:
> > LATA426
> > Historical Region BellSouth
> > Area Codes in LATA 919
> > Carrier
> > Common Name AT&T Southeast
> > OCN 9417
> > OCN Type RBOC
> > Name Bellsouth Telecomm Inc dba Southern Bell Telephone & Telegraph 
> > Abbreviation BELLSOUTH SO BELL DBA Southern Bell Telephone & 
> > Telegraph FKA Southern Bell Telephone & Telegraph
> >
> >
> > so im pretty sure im contacting the right telco just surprised that 
> > their customer service is offering pots but says no internet available,
> >
> > thanks for any info you can provide, chris
> >

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