filtering /48 is going to be necessary

Sven Olaf Kamphuis sven at
Sat Mar 10 16:56:14 CST 2012

and anyway, the average visit to facebook is still more data than the 
entire ipv6 route table at the moment.

we might also want to speed up bgp handling by routers a bit in the 
future, as some are DAMN SLOW in processing a few hundred thousand sets of 
data... (no people, it's NOT acceptable when a 200k box takes more than a 
few milliseconds to process whats basically just a few megabytes of data 
coming in over 10ge pipes and put it into a route table in ram ;)

time to put all those suppliers a pepper in their **** and simply stop 
buying their stuff if they keep selling obsolete junk.

end-to-end PI is the way to go.


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On Sat, 10 Mar 2012, Jimmy Hess wrote:

> On Sat, Mar 10, 2012 at 12:52 AM, George Bonser <gbonser at> wrote:
>>> I'm well into my second decade of having a v6 prefix in the dfz and am
>>> passingly familiar with powers of two...
>> Point is that expecting people globally to take a /48 from PA space probably isn't a realistic expectation.
> Exactly....
> What's more realistic is you have to get a single /48 of PI space for
> people to carry that globally.
> And if you have 5 discontiguous networks, what the RIRs should do is
> carve a /44 out for your
> present and future PI allocations   and issue you    the  8  /48s;
> the PI /48 routing slots
> that you have justified need for --  arranged so that they fall within
> the same /45.
> --
> -JH

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