Concern about gTLD servers in India

Graham Beneke graham at
Sat Mar 10 01:05:12 CST 2012

On 10/03/2012 08:19, Anurag Bhatia wrote:
> Next, looking gTLD servers used by popular TLDs like com/net/org:
> None of these gTLD root servers are in India. I have tested routes to each
> of them from BSNL (AS9829), Tata Comm (AS4755&  AS6453), Airtel (AS9498) -
> all land up outside India - most of them in Europe and US, and couple of
> them in Singapore, and one in Australia. Why so? Please correct me if I am
> wrong on this analysis but this seems not efficient setup to me. Any damage
> on outside connectivity (which is common with Earthquakes or ships hitting
> submarine fiber, and eventually opposite route getting chocked with
> traffic) - can cause huge issues on sites which are hosted within India.

This problem is unfortunately not unique to India. There appear to be no 
anycast instances of the gTLD servers in Africa either.

I am 180-500ms away from the gTLD servers right now.

> Also, looking at reverse DNS root servers:
> anurag at laptop:~$ dig ns +short

These servers are operated by the RIRs. Its probably worth contacting 
APNIC to find out how to get an anycast instance installed at you local 
internet exchange point.

Graham Beneke

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