Digi TS8 serial console server funkiness

George Bonser gbonser at seven.com
Wed Mar 7 20:53:48 CST 2012

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> Subject: Digi TS8 serial console server funkiness
> Problem is when attached to a Cisco switch I had laying around I get
> seemily random garble output when accessing the console of a remote
> Cisco device. (e.g. "show run" will get a few garbled lines halfway
> through, Holding down Enter will produce some garbled text every few
> lines).

Can you configure the port (on the switch and the console server) for flow control?  You might be experiencing an overflow issue if the CPU of the terminal server gets busy or a buffer gets full.  Maybe RTS/CTS (if the cable has the pins) or even XON/XOFF (if it doesn't).

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