Huawei edge routers..

Owen DeLong owen at
Wed Mar 7 14:18:04 CST 2012

On Mar 7, 2012, at 2:55 AM, Nick Hilliard wrote:

> On 07/03/2012 10:31, Saku Ytti wrote:
>> But again, I don't think crappy or good CLI is very important matter, when
>> using systems.
> it isn't - if you're large enough that you have an automated provisioning
> system.  Most of us aren't in that category though, and for those who
> aren't, it's the L3 tech people who will be doing the product evaluation
> and who will end up loathing the kit because of the horrible cli, and who
> will then be less likely to make a recommendation to buy it, as they're the
> people who are going to end up using it the most.
> Nick

I disagree.  A good CLI vs. a bad one can also make a difference in the
interaction with an automated provisioning system. Sure, you can work
around the bad CLI and mask it better with an APS, but, it still causes
problems even with an APS.


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