Huawei edge routers..

Jack Bates jbates at
Tue Mar 6 16:28:08 CST 2012

On 3/6/2012 3:41 PM, Jonathon Exley wrote:
> I last played with Huawei routers about 10 years ago and it looked very much like IOS. Interesting that they have changed.
> Also interesting that you don't like Alcatel's TiMOS - I prefer it to IOS, and find it comparable to Junos.
> I suppose we all have our own tastes...

Huawei looks very much like IOS, except many of the commands were 
renamed. Someone mentioned a reason to me, but I don't know if it was 
true, so I won't repeat it.

IOS at least supports | section, and I hear that IOS-XR and IOS-XE both 
have advanced configuration capabilities similar to Junos, but I don't 
own any of the hardware that supports those code bases.

I've yet to find a router vendor I liked 100%, though. Limited feature 
sets, interoperability problems, bugs, and months to resolve issues and 
generally requiring upgrades to code that has new issues. :(

But as you said, we all have our own tastes... Mine just happens to be 
for a non-existent company/product.


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