VLAN Troubles

Alan Bryant alan at alanbryant.com
Tue Mar 6 12:10:48 CST 2012

Just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who chimed in. Like I
thought, it turned out to be something very simple and routine. I had
not added the vlan to the Cisco switch. I had added it during testing,
but I removed all testing config from the switch before I went to
vlan's and did not add it back.

On top of that, right before I saw the message to run sh vlan, I
attempted to upgrade the firmware on the Dell switch and followed
Dell's instructions to the T, but it appears that the switch is now
non-functional. It is in a continuous reboot cycle and I can't even
get anything over the console.

Thankfully I had another switch ready and swapped it out and we are
running strong with vlans.

Again, thank you so much for all of your help, and hopefully one day I
will be at the level to help someone else out on here.

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