Huawei edge routers..

Saku Ytti saku at
Tue Mar 6 03:49:39 CST 2012

On (2012-03-06 09:24 +0000), Leigh Porter wrote:

> Has anybody had any experience of Huawei Mobile/Metro edge routers? I'm looking for something that will handle various MPLS services (Layer 2/3), QinQ with about 10x1Gb Ethernet interfaces (no need for 10G). 
> How are they compared to JNPR/CSCO/etc equivalent ?

You probably want the CX600 series box if you're looking something to
compete against ASR9k/MX. It should do what you need (10GE also). 

I've not really used them much, I think I've just configured enough to get
6VPE working, and it worked (against CSCO and JNPR) and was easy enough to
do without docs.  On paper they look fine, CLI is worse than IOS, but
honestly if CLI is critical to you, you're probably doing something wrong
anyhow (meaning, systems should be touching routers, not people)

But personally, I'd only buy it, if there were significant long-term cost
benefits. Just because getting community support for IOS/JunOS is so much
easier. And investing time learning Cisco/Juniper platforms inside-out,
seems better personal investment in EMEA market.


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