which one a Technical Support or Help Desk

Faisal Imtiaz faisal at snappydsl.net
Sat Mar 3 11:07:50 CST 2012

Funny u mentioned Charter,  had to call in a support ticket to them this 
morning. ( Cable down, due to yesterday's nasty storms).

Having no accent is always preferred, but not possible.
And as to Automated service...  we see two kinds of folks...
Ones who have a preference for self service, and another who wants human 

I was actually impressed with the Charter Customer Service Phone front 
end. It recognized me by my Caller ID phone number, It was clean, crisp, 
and voice recognition was pretty good and it immediately told me that 
there was an outage in my area, and they are working on fixing it, plus 
it offered to call me back once the problem is resolved.  After it gave 
me the info, I asked to speak to a Support Rep, and it transferred me to 

So far this is one the best Customer Service Phone system front end I 
have come across in a long time.

Yes, humans are preferred, but if I can have the system give me updates 
quickly, vs. having to hold for 20 or 30 min for a human to give me the 
same info... I prefer the machine....


Faisal Imtiaz
Snappy Internet&  Telecom

On 3/3/2012 11:36 AM, Jeff Kell wrote:
> If you have humans answering, you can call them anything you like,
> you're ahead of the curve.  If not, "it" is going to be called all sorts
> of things, and Technical Support or Helpdesk is not among the options
> that come to mind...

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