strat-1 gps

Robert E. Seastrom rs at
Tue Jun 26 15:33:35 CDT 2012

Word around the campfire is that the 18x is jittery compared to the 18.

Maybe it only matters if you are super-anal.

Majdi, do you have any current info on this?


Ryan Malayter <malayter at> writes:

> +1 on the freesd-or-linux. with say a Garmin GPS-18x or whatever
> timing puck. Have an intern or junior tech tackle it as a learning
> exercise. The time geeks on comp.protocols.time.ntp seem to favor
> low-power Soekris hardware ( for stratum-1s. You
> need RS232 serial to get decent PPS; USB introduces tons of jitter.
> If you have to have something pre-integrated and soon, I'd look at Meinberg:
> -- 

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