Collecting flows at an IXP

Graham Beneke graham at
Tue Jun 26 00:45:27 CDT 2012

Hi All

I'm busy doing some digging to find a solution for collecting layer-2 
flows data on a medium sized IXP. All we have at the moment is some MRTG 
graphs and we're trying to get a better view into IPv4 vs IPv6, src and 
dst MACs, packet sizes and also perhaps port & protocol trends.

I found Richard A. Steenbergen's NANOG 39 presentation and not much 
since then.

Is it still correct that Cisco does not support sFlow?

Are you able to get the same kind of useful data using Netflow v9?

Which FOSS flow collectors do an decent/adequate job at crunching about 
10Gbps worth of flows and presenting it in a useful way?

Graham Beneke

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