IPv6 /64 links (was Re: ipv6 book recommendations?)

Astrodog astrodog at gmx.com
Fri Jun 22 21:01:50 CDT 2012

On 06/22/2012 08:35 PM, TJ wrote:
>>>>> The center part of the internet is the easiest part of
>>>>> modification for IPv6 and is probably somewhere near 99%
>>>>> complete at this point.
>> What do you mean something 99% complete is rapidly accelerating?
>> Is it a theory for time traveling?
> Rate of deployment is more inclusive than just the 'center', that would be
> my guess.
> Are we really taking this already nearly-pointless conversation to an all
> new low and arguing semantics?
> Clearly some of us disagree with each other, perhaps we just hold our
> tongues (&  fingers) and let the real world decide??
> /TJ
There might be good money in a PPV "cagematch"-style event.

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