IPv6 Lo. for 6PE/6VPE

adam vitkovsky adam.vitkovsky at swan.sk
Fri Jun 15 06:29:57 CDT 2012

Right the ::FFFF::<ipv4-addr> sounds familiar
I guess there was also an option that the P router would just label switch
the packet towards the exit PE and the PE would than originate the ICMP back
to source
Or you can turn off TTL propagation across the core -so the ICMP could only
time out at the PEs

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Per my understanding, it is not required to have ipv6 address in loopback
intf on all P routers inorder to have 6PE work. If I remember it correctly,
P router will use ::FFFF::<ipv4-addr> while originating ICMPv6 error


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On Fri, Jun 15, 2012 at 11:56:05AM +0200, mohamed Osama Saad Abo sree wrote:
> I was just wondering , while I'm planning my network to support 
> 6PE/6VPE why should i assign an IPv6 for Loopbacks?
> Maybe it's needed for Point-Point links or external interfaces between 
> my peers, but anyone here know why i should assign IPv6 for all my 
> Routers inside my ISP if we will run PE/6VPE not dual stack.

Otherwise the intermediate P devices do not have an address to source
ICMPv6 "hop count exceeded" error replies => traceroute doesn't work

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