IPv6 Lo. for 6PE/6VPE

Nagendra Kumar (naikumar) naikumar at cisco.com
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Per my understanding, it is not required to have ipv6 address in loopback intf on all P routers inorder to have 6PE work. If I remember it correctly, P router will use ::FFFF::<ipv4-addr> while originating ICMPv6 error message.


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On Fri, Jun 15, 2012 at 11:56:05AM +0200, mohamed Osama Saad Abo sree wrote:
> I was just wondering , while I'm planning my network to support 
> 6PE/6VPE why should i assign an IPv6 for Loopbacks?
> Maybe it's needed for Point-Point links or external interfaces between 
> my peers, but anyone here know why i should assign IPv6 for all my 
> Routers inside my ISP if we will run PE/6VPE not dual stack.

Otherwise the intermediate P devices do not have an address to source
ICMPv6 "hop count exceeded" error replies => traceroute doesn't work properly.

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