best practives multi-homed BGP 2 physical locations

Philip Lavine source_route at
Thu Jun 14 17:33:58 CDT 2012

Easy part:
I need to provide my users acces to the internet from my HQ site via a local Internet connection or via a colo.  
Hard part:
I also need to provide incoming access to hosted apps (HTTP, FTP, SMTP) from either location, so if the colo internet connection goes down the traffic can re-route to the HQ server farm and visa versa.
I am in the process of purchasing an AS and ip space. Is it advisable to use the same IP space at both locations and run iBGP over a dedicated L2 connection between the sites.

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As in 
- use of multi or single AS?
- private, vpn or other dci?
- etc 
What's the purpose of the site? Or what end result are you trying to achieve?
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 Is there any best practices documentation on how to run BGP multihoming accross two phyiscally seperated sites.

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