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Wed Jun 13 17:34:05 CDT 2012

In message <4FD91056.3030206 at>, Nick Hilliard writes:
> >> Be advised that Im following your posts and have your threating
> >> messages to me.  If there is an ddos or restraint of trade due to my
> >> ACCIDENTAL email I'll escalate to commerce and FBI.
> 1. spam a big pile of network operators
> 2. threaten legals on aforementioned prospective customers
> 3. profit!!11!!
> awesome.
> Nick
Complain to you Congress and House Representatives that CAN-SPAM
is too unbalanced.  The current US law lets you get away with single
shots.  It should be a offence to send to someone you don't have
consent from.  Look at the Australian SPAM act for a more balanced

As long as US law allows companies to harvest addresses and send
to them this sort of thing will continue to happen.

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