IPv6 day and tunnels

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> Templin, Fred L wrote:
> > If you wish, you can also consider Alternate 3 for 9kB:
> > 72us at 1Gbps, 7.2us at 10Gbps, .72us at 100Gbps, .072us at 1Tbps.
> So?
> Have you learned enough about Moore's law that, at 10Gbps
> era, 72us of delay is often significant?

I frankly haven't thought about it any further. You say
1280+ belongs in ITU, and I say 1280- belongs in ATM.
Larger packets means fewer interrupts and fewer packets
in flight, which is good Moore's law or no. Accommodation
of MTU diversity is what matters.

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> 						Masataka Ohta

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