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Sat Jun 9 12:52:45 CDT 2012

My biggest problem still is the multiple computer issue.  I am on at least 3-5 physical computers and 1-20 virtual machines, and 2 cellphones a day.  I honestly do not want to store a database of passwords encrypted or not on an open service.  

As I have never had a virus or malware on any of my computers in the last 20 something years I trust my local machine/network more.  The problem is it creates a distribution problem that is painful and tedious to deal with.  

So I stick with 10-15 long reasonably secure passwords that get used for stuff that just doesn't matter because there is an assumed no security (facebook, linkedin, whatever, and honestly who cares if this stupid stuff is hacked, its really just to avoid the hassle it would cause) and 1 unique password per critical sites (bank, benefits, financials).  I store them on a local 3x3 levels of encrypted virtual drives with (2) 32-48 remembered passwords to access them just in case I forget any. 

Then I lock the 2 passwords up in a safe in a sealed envelope just in case something happens to me.

 If you are cautious on what and where you use them you honestly only need to change the criticals once a year or if there is a security event, heck outside of the bank account, I almost never login to any of the other accounts except to change the password.

And for all other internet stuff, who cares, the assumption is it will be hacked, don't put stuff on the open internet that you don't want the entire world to know.

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