LinkedIn password database compromised

Michael Hallgren m.hallgren at
Thu Jun 7 16:35:59 CDT 2012

Hi Randy,

Le jeudi 07 juin 2012 à 10:03 -0700, Randy Bush a écrit :
> hi etaoin,
> > I still don't want single sign on.  Not anywhere.
> i believe that 'single sign on' is a bad deal and dangerous for all, not
> just we geeks.  essentially it means that the 'identiry provider' owns
> your identity.  i love that they call themselves 'identity providers'
> when it is MY fracking identity and they are reselling it.

I agree.

> the 'single sign on' i encourage for the end using human beings i
> support is 1password and its ilk.  it provides the user with one sign-on
> yet strongly encourages separation of identities and strong passwords
> for sites.

Local repository of passwords, aggregation in a way. Right? Encrypted?
Open source?

> add to that, something such as ghostery for your browser, and you have a
> small chance of actually preserving your identity and minimizing cross-
> site tracking.
> randy



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