IPv6 only streaming video

Tina TSOU Tina.Tsou.Zouting at huawei.com
Wed Jul 25 21:09:43 UTC 2012

My enterprise users need to turn off IPv4 on their hosts to experience YouTube IPv6 only streaming video. Courtesy to Owen.
It is an enterprise network here, I can't dictate for everyone. Some people prefer dual stack host, some people prefer IPv6 only host. 
Youtube works in our IPv6 only host and dual stack host.
Ipv6.netflix.com doesn't seem to work in our dual stack host and IPv6 only host.
Do you have the URL of IPv6 only stream video about the Olympics from nbc?


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> > Dear all,
> > If you know there is any testing or commercial IPv6 only streaming
> video we can access, let me know.
> > Thank you.
> youtube will stream at you over ipv6 ... did you just need some thing
> to stream at you over ipv6?
> I think you can even (if you do the 'i have cable/etc' dance) stream
> the olympics from nbc over v6 these days.

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