using "reserved" IPv6 space

Rajendra Chayapathi (rchayapa) rchayapa at
Mon Jul 16 22:02:50 UTC 2012

True .. Your point of the ICMPv6 storm is on mark and is one of the
drawbacks for this solution.

On 7/16/12 12:39 PM, "Oliver" <olipro at>

>On Monday 16 July 2012 18:26:08 Rajendra Chayapathi wrote:
>> On the HSRP/ND part , this all falls in the First Hop redundancy areana
>> and can be achieved via any of the following and each has its merits and
>> cons..
>> 1) Using ND -- need to tune the "IPv6 nd reachable time" to achieve the
>> faster failover
>> 2) Using any of the First hop redundancy protocol ( HSRP, VRRP , GLBP)
>> 3) Default route selection.
>In all honesty, I think using ND as the failover method is a generally
>idea - you have no way of ensuring all endpoints take note of or honour
>router preference flag.
>Additionally, having a 1 second validity lifetime is going to create a
>lot of 
>ICMPv6 spam across the segment - big deal? perhaps not. But when
>with the fact that it can be wholly avoided using one of the
>redundancy protocols, why would you do it?
>Additionally, as an alternative to RAs, you can simply point default at
>all-routers anycast address.

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