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Fri Jul 13 17:42:53 UTC 2012

It was 3 weeks after I passed the 10 inch mark. Our sex life was better than ever, even though I thought it would be the opposite. Amanda wanted sex several times a day. I never knew I was holding her back these years we were together. The fact that I have gained so much sexual power and stamina allows her to express her sexuality whenever she wanted it, and it was often.

Luckily, this growth spurt happened after I got my job. It was a real good job, laid back. I could mostly work from home if I wanted, but I needed to establish myself, and went into the office often. Most importantly, I had great insurance, and was going to my first doctor's appointment today.

I woke up to Amanda slowly rubbing her finger up and down my chest. "Morning, Mister Giant." She said, with a smile. Her subtle smirk that meant she wanted to have sex.

"Hi." I said, groggily. "I glanced around the room for a second, then back at Amanda. "Sorry about the morning wood." I joked.

"Ha, it just means you are ready." She said. I glanced down, and saw the penis head sticking way out of the waist band of my boxers. "Look, it's past your bellybutton." She said, poking my penis head.

I sighed, frustrated. "I hate this."

"Come on baby, you'll learn to like it. I did, right?" She said.

"I'm past 11 inches..." I said, annoyed.

"You could always do porn. I don't mind." She said, with a cute smile. I laughed a bit, and she looked disappointed for a second. "I really want to go at it...who could say they took an 11 incher? But I got class." She said, with a kiss, and hoped out of bed. Amanda was working at her Masters degree. "Are you gonna be home when I get back?"

"Yeah, my doctor's appointment shouldn't take that long." I said, sitting up, watching her naked body strut to the bathroom. She knew she was turning me on. For a split second, she glanced at me just as she entered the bathroom, her smirk never leaving her face. She wanted to have sex so badly, and I felt bad for her. I just wanted to give her what she wanted. Luckily, she was more responsible than me, and knew when to say no.

"You know," She called out from the bathroom. "I know it's been almost like, a month since the incident." She was referring to her friends, Rachel and Hannah, walking in on us having sex. "Rachel and Hannah have never stopped talking about how lucky I am."

"Why's that?" I asked.

"They seriously think you are the hottest guy ever." She explained. "Even before the growth, they always said you were attractive. But after seeing how big you are, they have been disappointed with every guy since."

"Okay." I said, not sure what to say. I heard Amanda giggle a bit to my apathetic response. "Why do you bring this up?"

"Oh, no reason." She said.

I finally met my new doctor, and was a bit shocked. She looked like she was younger than me, but the degrees around her office proved that she was a professional. She was amazingly sexy. She wore her doctor's coat, but that did little to hide her massive breasts, easily more than double my wife's size. Her doctor's coat was open in the front, and her clothes were professional underneath, but her extremely wide hips and tiny waist were still clearly visible. She was easily 6'4", with short red red hair, and beautiful facial features. She could've easily become successful with just her looks alone, but her awards were too plentiful to be based solely on her appearance. Talk around the office was that she was an amazingly sexy Amazon, but too cold and professional to ever let anything happen.

"You say only 5 months ago you were 6'2"?" She asked.

"Yes a bit less than 5 months ago, and 180 lbs." I explained. "Now I'm passing 290 lbs, and..."

"Yes, 6'7", I was there. I have to admit, it's funny that my nurse was unable to measure your height without my help." She said, and smiled.

"Yeah...well, I'm 25, there is no reason I should be growing this fast..." I said.

"This quick of a growth spurt isn't even common for young adults going through puberty." She said. "But I still need to complete this physical to send back to your offices."

"I would prefer we didn't." I explained. "I'm...well. The growth spurt has impacted my...uh...genitals intensely as well." I said.

"Well, I think that just justifies that I should examine you more." She said, coldly.

"Um...I mean...I've been getting weird reactions from women lately..." I said.

"Sir, I am a professional." She said, almost offended. "Now please."

I sighed, and took off my pants. I expected a look of surprise, but she made more a look of confusion.

"I apologize, I've just never seen such large testicles." She said. "Don't be surprised, I have to examine your testicles to see if this is a liquid build up or cancerous material." She explained, and she moved my 5 inch flaccid penis out of the way, and with her hands in gloves, she cupped my testicles. She slowly rubbed her hangs around my testicles, feeling for cancer or any other irregularities. "This is genuinely shocking. I didn't think human testicles were able to get this large." She explained, each the size of a jumbo egg.

"Yeah, they were never this big, they just keep growing." I said. "And look how big my penis is." I said.

"This size is normal." She said.

"No, because it gets much bigger when it's...uh...erect." I said.

"If you don't mind, could you get erect for me?" She said, again, coldly. She whipped off her glove to write something down, and put on a new one.

"I...think that might be kinda hard for me to do." I said. "I'm kinda nervous at the moment."

"This would help." In her cold way, my doctor quickly got down on her knees, and began tugging at my penis.

"Ah...whoa, what are you doing." I said.

"I know this seems awkward...but I really...must examine you erect." She said. I was confused, as her cold demeanor slowly left her voice. Little by little, she tugged and stimulated with her gloves hands. Even though her shirt was conservative, her breasts were so large, it was hard to hide the cleavage. I quickly grew erect. Inch by inch, it kept swelling. "Oh my..." She said, watching it grow toward her face. Confused, she backed away, but it kept growing toward her. "This big was it before your growth spurt?"

"I'm not sure...I think around 6 inches." I said, as it reached it's full, 11 by 7 erect status. She bites her lower lip, catches herself doing so, and quickly stops. Slowly, she moves her hands up and down my shaft, examining it. "Uh...Doctor?" She ignored me, almost hypnotized by my massive member. It started as her squeezing random parts, looking for something irregular, but over time, she began to simply stimulate me. "Doctor?" I said. She still didn't respond. It took all the will power in my being to turn away from her. "Doctor!" I said, louder.

She snapped out of it, and looked up at me. "Oh my God..." She said, and stood up, and faced away from me. "Oh my God I'm so sorry I've never acted like this before."

"It's alright." I said, in a low volume, but annoyed voice. I would give anything to tear this women apart, but I just kept Amanda's face in my mind. I struggled to put on my clothes with my giant erection still up. I managed to force my erection to the side, almost wrapping around to the side of my hip.

"I am so sorry sir, I apologize. Oh God I can't believe this." She said. "I understand if you want to switch services. I'm so sorry."

"Look, is everything okay?" I asked.

"Huh? Oh yes, I have found nothing cancerous. I will transfer these records to another doctor if you want to go with someone else. Just get a checkup again in a few weeks, and we will compare the results. Some tests will get taken. Again, I am so sorry, I am usually very professional." She said, really quickly.

My erection still at full force, I said goodbye to the doctor, and left the office. On my way out, it was like slow motion, everyone was staring in awe at my giant penis, stretching my pants. I quickly walked to my car, and sat in. My erection was painful, restricted by my jeans, which were small as my lower body added muscle and mass over the weeks.

As I drove, the pain kept building. I undid my pants, and my erection sprang upward, still full and strong. "Dammit." I said, frustrated. This was the first time in my life I wished I had a bigger car, instead of my small efficient one. I just made to make sure I kept moving, any car next to me would easily see my giant erection.

I managed to make it to the stoplight right before my home without an incident. I did my best to hide my erection, when a truck pulled up next to me. I was busy trying to hide it to notice, but when I finally looked over, I saw a car full of beautiful sorority girls, at least 3 of them looking, with the driver attempting to look. "Holy shit that is huge!" The girl in the passenger seat said.

"Hey there!" The one in the backseat said.

"Let me see, how big is it?" One shouted from the backseat.

"Seriously, this guy is bigger than Brad!" The one in the front said.

"I wanna see! Is he cute! Invite him over!"

Oh God, I had to get out of here.

"Hey, you should come to our sorority house. We'll give that giant thing the night it deserves!"

"Uh...sorry, I'm married." I said, trying to tuck my penis in my shirt, angry that I didn't think of that before.

"Oh...he's really buff too."

"He's married though."

At the same time, all the girls said "Aww..."

A piece of paper landed on my lap. "If you ever leave your wife, call me!" She said. "Or if not...whatever!" The light turned green, and I quickly sped off.

I finally made it home, and sat on my bed, masturbating furiously. I was going at it for a good hour, having orgasm after orgasm, and my erection wouldn't subside. Having so many beautiful girls hit on me was too much. 

When Amanda finally got home 4 hours later, I beat the record, giving her 8 orgasms during the span of that day.

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