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Eric J Esslinger eesslinger at fpu-tn.com
Fri Jul 6 18:10:16 UTC 2012

We verified one a while back, who had already had the problem fixed when the FBI sent us the physical mail.  Concidering number of internet customers in the US vs our internet customers with known number of US subsribers affected at it's height, I figure if the percentages are good we've taken care of several times the number of likely cases on our network with that one customer.
I'm told by various sources to expect similar stories on the nightly national news programs tonight, with a similar 'call your isp' ending. I've also heard the site IS reachable via ipv6 and they are dealing with the load issues as we speak (and some people are getting through, albiet slowly).

I'm pretty comfortable about my network; I've been catching dns lookup destinations from my users for months (not contents, just destination ip's) and the list of outside addresses covers most of the well know public dns servers (open dns, google, etc...) with the exception of a handful that seem to be running their own full blown recursive caching servers, which go everywhere looking for authoritative lookups. (One I knew about, he complains because I won't allow his basic cable account act as an open server for his DNS when he's out of town. If he wants a static IP I can arrange opening the port, till then... He is always welcome to VPN into his home network as well.)

Been having callers look up their IP, then checking the query logs to see if they hit our dns servers. So far I'm at 100%

I thought of whipping up a script for my recursive DNS servers to setup a webpage to let them see if they were accessing those servers, but I just don't have time right now (fiscal year just started and everyone wants their projects done 'now'.)

Addendum: Site appears up and fast now. So that's something anyway.

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> The ISPs who have been proactive in mitigating and
> redirecting have been/are doing this.  (global reach here)
> The court ordered DNS servers have been up since Nov 9th and
> lots of outreach done....the intent was a graceful ramp down.
>  Sadly, the state of folks helping with overall malware
> cleanup is still lots of finger pointing.
> FUD with press and over sensationalism not helping.
> - merike
> On Jul 6, 2012, at 10:52 AM, Cameron Byrne wrote:
> > So insteading of turning the servers off, would it not have been
> > helpful to have the servers return a "captive portal" type
> of reponse
> > saying "hey, since you use this server, you are broken, go
> here to get
> > fixed"
> >
> > Seems that would have been a more graceful ramp down.
> >
> > CB

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