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> > Can you post a sample of the
> "answers" you have received; which
> > prompted you the ask this question to begin with.
> I've been asking the question in phone interviews for
> months. I
> couldn't quote them properly but the answers were...
> discouraging. No
> one beyond ping and traceroute.
> I asked HR last week to start asking the question as a
> pre-screen and
> forward me the answer. The first one responded "This would
> block all
> IP traffic." I figured it was time for a sanity check to
> make sure the
> question was reasonable.
> Regards,
> Bill
> that reagard, "resonable".
It is a shame that -

Noc-Techs; these days are classified as:

1) Network Engineers/Prouction Engineers/Customer Support Engineers/Sr. Tech Support Engineers....
Enough Said.

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