Cisco Update

Andriy Bilous andriy.bilous at
Thu Jul 5 20:57:34 UTC 2012

I suspect it'll be "Corporations control Internet and our private
life" well before tomorrow. Domestic operators do that for ages with
their branded routers and AFAIK DOCSIS is unimaginable without (part
of) this functionality. I went berzerk when discovered such a checkbox
in my home router, two days later I checked it on again and never
looked back. How often do I check for firmware upgrades for for my
home router? Almost never. Do I backup my config? No. Do I disassemble
binary blob before upgrade. No. And I consider myself above-average
Internet user. It doesn't really matter how do I brick my hardware and
implementing authentication on the vendor site to download the
firmware does a better job with gathering sensitive data honestly.
Automatic updates is pretty much a common feature these days, it's
good to know what it means for a user but is hardly game-breaking.

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