It's the end of the world, as we know it (Was: FYI Netflix is down)

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> you know what's happening even more?
> ..Amazon not learning their lesson.

> Please stop these crappy practices, people. Do real world DR testing.
> Play "What If This City Dropped Off The Map" games, because tonight,
> parts of VA infact did.

You know what I want everyone to do?

Go read this.  Right now; it's Sunday, and I'll wait:

Start there, and click Next Date a lot, until you get to the end.

Entire metropolitan areas can, and do, fall completely off the map.  If
your audience is larger than that area, then you need to prepare for it.

And being reminded of how big it can get is occasionally necessary.

The 4ESS in the third subbasement of 1WTC that was a toll switch for most of 
the northeast reportedly stayed on the air, talking to it's SS7 neighbors,
until something like 1500EDT, 11 Sep 2001.

It can get *really* big.  Are you ready?

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