Update from the NANOG Communications Committee regarding recent off-topic posts

Mark Gauvin MGauvin at dryden.ca
Mon Jul 30 23:08:32 UTC 2012

On list spam has been minimal but off list cold call type emails have  
been mounting for several months

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On 2012-07-30, at 5:29 PM, "Brian Dickson" <brian.peter.dickson at gmail.com 
 > wrote:

>> As a quick update, we've implemented some list settings last week  
>> to help
>> to
>> keep spam off the list.  New subscribers are moderated until we're
>> comfortable
>> with their posts.  We rejected the idea of keyword based message  
>> filtering
>> since not only is a lot of work to maintain, it's trivial to get  
>> around it
>> if
>> you really want to post banned words.
>> Comments and suggestions are welcome.
>> Matt Griswold, on behalf of the NANOG Communications Committee
>> I've always liked the idea found in xkcd.com/810 ;-).
> Brian

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