HE Fremont IPv6 tunnel

Jeroen van Aart jeroen at mompl.net
Mon Jul 23 03:44:59 UTC 2012

Rob Mosher wrote:
> Perhaps you should try contacting HE support.  I hear they're responsive.

I understand however I was pretty sure it wasn't the tunnel that was the 
problem. So I didn't feel emailing HE was appropriate.

I am curious, since I have pretty much confirmed the problem is on my 
side, why would a move of an IPv6 tunnel from one server to another 
suddenly cause intermittent outages of a few minutes every couple of 
hours. It's not as regular so as to suspect a cronjob or something.

The old server is still online, however the radvd daemon isn't running 
there anymore and its external interface has been disabled. There is no 
IPv6 dhcp server running either.

The new server basically has the configuration and IP addresses the old 
one used to have. It's running radvd. Is there some (obvious) residual 
effect of having moved an IPv6 tunnel from one physical server to 
another that I fail to recognise?

I have moved ethernet interfaces and cables on the new server to rule 
out a fault in those. Its internal interface (on the same ethernet card) 
appears very stable.


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