using "reserved" IPv6 space

Stephen Sprunk stephen at
Wed Jul 18 13:37:08 UTC 2012

On 18-Jul-12 02:04, Saku Ytti wrote:
> On (2012-07-18 00:34 +0200), Jeroen Massar wrote:
>>> Here's a calculator that will generate a random one for you:
>> does not follow RFC4193 in any way at all. A such do not use it.
> I'm not sure if RFC4193 is best way to generate random part,

It's not claimed to be the "best" way, just one of many possible good
ways.  If you can demonstrate that your way is at least as good, go for it.

> it should bepossible to incorporate RFC2777 verifiability to it.

There is no need for that, since your failure to use a good source of
randomness hurts nobody except yourself.

If you're too lazy to come up with a good method yourself, as most
people are, there are several online RFC 4193-compliant prefix
generators that will save you the effort.  At least one even includes
the ability to record your results and be assured (within the margin of
best-effort service) that you will not collide with anyone else who does so.

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