using "reserved" IPv6 space

Karl Auer kauer at
Tue Jul 17 04:40:58 UTC 2012

On Mon, 2012-07-16 at 23:38 -0400, Matt Addison wrote:
>  Oliver <olipro at> wrote:
> > Additionally, as an alternative to RAs, you can simply point default
> > at the all-routers anycast address.
> Wouldn't this result in duplicate packets leaving your network if
> there were more than 1 router listening to 'all routers' and you (at
> the MAC layer) multicasted to those listeners?

I think Oliver meant the subnet router anycast address.

Anycast gets you to one-of-many. The routers work out which of them is
currently getting the subnet router anycast traffic. If that router
drops out for any reason, another of the routers available on the link
takes over.

Regards, K.

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