using "reserved" IPv6 space

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Mon Jul 16 17:10:56 UTC 2012

I agree. Most are naive. Not all.


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On 7/16/2012 11:34 AM, valdis.kletnieks at wrote:
> On Mon, 16 Jul 2012 11:09:28 -0500, -Hammer- said:
>> -------That is clearly a matter of opinion. NAT64 and NAT66 wouldn't be there
>> if there weren't enough customers asking for it. Are all the customers naive?
>> I doubt it. They have their reasons. I agree with your "purist" definition and
>> did not say I was using it. My point is that vendors are still rolling out base
>> line features even today.
> Sorry to tell you this, but the customers *are* naive and asking for stupid
> stuff. They think they need NAT under IPv6 because they suffered with it in
> IPv4 due to addressing issues or a (totally percieved) security benefit (said
> benefit being *entirely* based on the fact that once you get NAT working, you
> can build a stateful firewall for essentially free).  The address crunch is
> gone, and stateful firewalls exist, so there's no *real* reason to keep
> pounding your head against the wall other than "we've been doing it for 15
> years".

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