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Fri Jul 13 17:45:11 UTC 2012

"L-Linda?" I was losing it. "What...what's happening to you?"

She put her hand on my chest, and pushed me back into the bathroom. She turned around, and closed the door, locking it behind her. "I'm one of the most beautiful girl's you've ever seen, eh?" She said, unbuttoning the top button of her tight blouse. This gave me a flashback of when her breasts somehow...grew? My erection restarted it's trajectory toward full erection. It thickened, causing it to look like my pants were painted over it. My penis head moved further and further right, at first moving along my thigh, but then coming off it as my penis hardened. My penis struggled to get to it's natural position.

"Linda, that was a private conversation." I said.

"You're right." She said. "I shouldn't have listened, but I couldn't help it. I want you so badly. And your wife doesn't mind, right?"

"Linda...please." I said, my penis aching, still swelling and trapped within my too tight pants. It began to hurt.

She glanced down, and gasped. There was a pause for a few moments, as it continued to enlarge. "My's so big...and it's still getting bigger?" She said, and bit her lip. She grabbed her blouse, and ripped it open. Her breasts were absolutely massive, and bulged out of her bra in every direction.

I gasped. "Linda!" I said, looking away, and then back quickly. I still tried to convince myself that I was trying to resist.

With that, my penis had a surge, reaching it's full erect size quickly. A tearing sound began to fill the air. "What was that..." she asked. I thought it was her breasts suddenly growing again. But when I looked down, seeing my penis, pointed sideways in my pants, slowly forcing it's way forward. It was ripping out of my cheap pants (which I got because I didn't want to waste money on pants I would just outgrow again). 

"Oh crap..." I whispered to myself, as my penis flung forward, ripping my pants open in front. My penis throbbed, pointing directly at her.

"Oh God! That's amazing!" She said, quickly throwing her shirt off, and grabbing my penis, stroking it with vigor. "This is so fucking big! I can't believe it's so hard and big that it ripped out of your pants!" She said. "I knew you were packing, I just thought you were packing a human penis. I can't wait to have this thing in me. Give it to me you fucking jerk, hiding this from me all this time. You made me wait too long for it." She said, and begun viciously stroking and licking my giant member. "Oh God it tastes so's so big...It's gotta be almost 13 inches."

I was confused. I measured my penis this morning at 12.8 inches long, and 7.6 inches around. How did she know just from eye balling it? This thought was quickly replaced by the intense blow job she was giving me. I don't even know how she managed to fit my giant penis head so far down her throat. She plunged her mouth down more than half of my penis, I felt her tongue shifting around around it to the best of her ability. Her mouth looked small, but opened wide. Her thick, juicy lips wrapped around my penis, shifting and moving perfectly. She was an expert at this. "God..." I said, this felt amazing.

She took her mouth off, and stroked with both hands. "This is by far the biggest dick I've ever had. I've never met a dick I couldn't swallow completely. You are a challenge Tim..." She said. and started licking, kissing, and sucking on my giant balls. "Even your balls are's like 2 wait...these are too big to be eggs." She said, with a giggle. Her hands were grabbing whatever she could touch. She attempted to deepthroat again, her hands clawing at my thighs and lower back. She wanted more and more. I began to doubt that even I was enough for her with the way she was acting.

I gave up the act of resisting. I pulled the remainders of my pants down, and kicked them away, finally happy to have my lower body freed from the tight confines of my ever shrinking clothes. Linda managed to plunge more and more of my gigantic penis down her throat. I tried to wrap my mind around how she was able to do it, but it felt too good for me to focus, or really even care. I attempted to unbutton my dress shirt after throwing off my tie, but it was hard to do while being blown. My shirt was so tight on my body, that it was hard to get the buttons off. Frustrated, I ripped it open, and let it fall behind me.

Now only in my shoes, Rachel continued to work my throbbing member. Her saliva dripped down my shaft and onto the floor. She tried her best to swallow, but my penis was incredibly hard, and wouldn't curve down into her throat. "God dammit...I've never met a dick I couldn't deep throat. You're my white whale, Tim." She joked. "I guess I gotta give up for now." She said, and stood up.

She turned around, and stepped over my penis, so it was between her legs, and she was facing away from me, but her body pushed up against me. I reached down between her legs, lifting her skirt up. She was commando today, just like me. I began to kiss her neck, and began to finger her.

"Holy Jesus your fingers are big." She said, as she softly swayed her hips, grinding against the top of my penis. She gasped a bit.

"Sorry." I said, use to being careful.

"Don't fucking apologize." She said, pushing my hand further into her crotch. "I'm your fucking toy. I have no limits. Fuck me as hard as you want." She said, as she began to stroke my penis under her. "You will fuck the shit out of me, ok? I can handle anything you give me. Just fuck me until you can't fuck anymore."

With my other hand, I grabbed her blouse, and ripped it off the left half of her body. Instantly, she moan and I felt a flood of juices cover my hand and splash onto my penis. I removed my right hand from her womanhood, and ripped the skirt off. Her head arched back. She loved it. She loved being treated like a sexual object.

I lifted her up and put her on the ground. "On the floor."

"What are you gonna do? Are you gonna fuck me?" She said, slowly moving toward the ground. "You had better fuck me as hard as you can. You're probably all show." She said, with a wicked smirk, as she laid back.

I stepped over her, and smirked a bit over my massive shadow. I tried to imagine what her perspective was at this point, laying down on the floor, with a hugely built, tall, muscular man with a giant penis, looming over her, the florescent lights making it hard for her to make out minor features. I kinda ruined the moment, "Are you ready for it?"

"It doesn't matter you idiot. Fuck me you stupid shit!" She said, trying to get me worked up. I got down on my knees, and began to rub the outside of her crotch with my penis head. "Come onnnn." She whined, as she began to rub her clit. "Put it in you asshole!"

I put the penis head in, and she gasped. I felt another flood of juices cover my penis, and dripped onto the floor. I've never seen a girl react like this, having an orgasm just from insertion. I thought this kinda stuff only happened in shitty porn. "Come on....Please...." She begged, her body reeling. "Please..." She moaned.

I pushed myself in and out of her, as fast as I could. It was like each thrust had given her an orgasm, as she began moaning loudly almost immediately. It was almost like the ocean, every few moments, she would moan louder, and a wave of liquid would flow out from her. I never knew women could get this wet. This continued for an hour, and I began to ejaculate. Partially in her, partially on her stomach and the floor. "God damn...I've never cum so much in my life..." She said, lifting her hand off the floor. "And seriously, were you ever gonna stop shooting? You covered the floor in your stuff!" She said, as I stood up, my penis still fully erect.

She paused, and looked up. "You...still aren't done?"

"No." I said, and reached down, and picked her up. My hands were around her waist, as I easily lifted her and put her against the wall of the bathroom stall. I wrapped my arms around her thighs, and lifted her up higher.

"Oh God..." She moaned, as I slowly got my penis inside her, and then began to pump in and out faster and faster. I managed to get inside her completely, as her constant tidal flow of her own ejaculate flowed down my shaft and dripped down my legs. I was lost in lust, but I swear Linda's breasts had grown even more. I noticed a slightly alteration in her weight too, as her body grew taller in my arms. I shook my head, and continued banging the shit out of her.

She had climax after climax before I had mine again. The floor under us was completely soaked. I wondered where it was all coming from, as I set her down, and let her catch her breath.

She stumbled over to the sink, panting like she just sprinted a marathon. She didn't even look up. Her body was slightly bigger again. "I know you aren't done." She said. "Neither of us our leaving until both of us are done." She said, turning on the water. She splashed her face. I just watched, mesmerized by every little movement she made. Even though she was exhausted, sweaty, and stumbling around like she was drunk, I was still entranced.

"Linda...what's happening to you?" I asked.

"What do you mean?" She panted.

"Why are you growing?"

She pooled water in her hands, and brought it to her mouth, and drank. "What are you talking about?" She said. She was standing upright now.

"You're..." I blinked. Her head was pushing up the ceiling tiles, which were 10 feet high. I blinked again. She was back to normal. "I..." It wasn't her. It was me. I was seeing things. "Nevermind."

I waited a minute more for her to catch her breath, and then walked up behind her, and pushed her head down over the sink. I pulled her waist up a bit so I can insert my penis, doggy style. Her ass perked up. "Hold on Tim...I still need to catch my breath." I ignored her, and as I pressed myself into her, she instantly exploded in wetness again. "Just...a few...minutes..." She panted, as she didn't resist my advances at all. "Fuck!" She shouted, as her body literally quaked with another orgasm. She used her hands to prop herself up on sink. Her head and face kept randomly hitting the mirror, leaving smears and spots on it. This position lasted for hours, like our previous ones.

I had fucked her harder than I fucked anyone in my whole life. She had more orgasms, and gave me more orgasms, in a shorter time span than anything me and Amanda ever got to. This was by far the best sex I had ever had. This sex was suppose to be for my wife. Not for her. She laid on the floor, her back against the wall. She was asleep. She couldn't handle anymore. I was still full erect.

I examined her body, which had grown again. Her breasts were easily bigger than Amanda's now. She must've been at least 6'3" or 6'4" at this point. I began to doubt my own sanity. There had to be some connection between my growth, and Linda's. I began to wonder if this was permanent. I couldn't think. My mind was going a mile a minute, and I still wanted to fuck some more.

I grabbed whatever was left and put on what I could. It was 6:00 p.m. Everyone already left the office except a few janitors. I stormed out of the office, and headed home. I can't believe I just cheated on my wife. I can't believe I spent my entire workday, in a locked bathroom, having sex. I couldn't believe what I've become.

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