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Fri Jul 13 17:43:59 UTC 2012

"I forgot how big he was..." Hannah said.

"I told Rachel already, he grew even bigger." Amanda said. "Let's get started." Amanda said, and unhooked her bra, and walked toward me. She pushed herself against me, and we began kissing, my erection slowly forming up. The other 2 girls followed suite, taking off their bras.

Rachel was the first to grab my penis, stroking it as he grew in her hand. " keeps getting bigger." Rachel said, amazed at how big it was growing. Hannah got down on her knees, and sat between my legs as I sat on the bed. She went low, and softly began to lick my balls. Rachel, on the left side of me, softly tugged at my penis, watching as it grew and grew. I watched these two girls intently, as Amanda, on my right side, kissed my neck.

Amanda glanced down, seeing my penis. "It's hard now. Lets get started. I get middle." She said. Hannah shifted over, and Rachel got into place. With Rachel on the left side, my wife in the middle, and Hannah on the right, all 3 of them began to lick up and down my giant foot long penis. I'm not sure who it was, but there was a hand cupping and playing with my balls. The girls alternated kissing each other randomly, while still licking my member. It quickly grew shinny with their saliva. "Lay back." Amanda said, as she got up.

"'s longer than my face." Hannah said, as she put her face against my penis.

Rachel put her arm up next to it, and laughed a bit. "I don't's longer than my forearm, is that thing going to fit inside of me?" The look of awe never left their face this entire time. I was laid back, and Amanda came and sat on my face, facing the 2 women who kept licking and stroking my genitals. I licked and nibbled at Amanda, knowing exactly what got her going, her beautiful ass on my face.

This continued for several moments, until Amanda got up. "Okay, let me take it first, and you guys get warmed up. You can't take this thing without some foreplay." Amanda said, and stood at the foot of the bed where I sat. She slowly inserted herself down onto my giant penis, moving up and down while softly rubbing her clit. I still laid back, as I suddenly see Rachel put her womanhood in my face, her butt pointed toward Amanda. I took this hint, and began eating her out. Hannah sat with her back against the headboard of our king size bed behind me. Rachel bent down as I ate her out, and began to eat out Hannah.

The room was full of the 3 beautiful girls moaning and breathing heavy, as Amanda slowly took more nad more of my giant member. Amanda began moaning softly, then her moans increased in volume. This was unusual, because Amanda was usually as quiet as a mouse during sex. I couldn't see much, but I felt liquid pouring down on my waist and penis, as Amanda began moaning having an intense orgasm. I felt her shaking slightly as she got off my penis, her orgasm lasting for a good 4 minutes.

"Were you having an orgasm that whole time?" Rachel asked.

Amanda smiled. "Yeah..." She panted. "Try it out."

"Go ahead." Hannah said. "I don't think I'm ready yet."

Rachel smiled, and jumped off my face. I sat up, and she faced away from me, going reverse cowgirl. She stuck her delicious, perfect ass out slightly at me, and I grabbed and caressed it slightly, and then slowly led it onto my giant penis. She bit her lip as she slowly plunged downward. "Oh God...this is fucking huge..." She said. "God...." She said, as she slowly moved up and down. "I feel like I'm being torn in half..."

Hannah sat next to me, watching intently. As Rachel slowly moved farther and farther down my penis, trying to adapt to it, Hannah was watching and smiling. I glanced over at Amanda, who was rubbing herself. She still didn't have enough. I slowly moved my hand over to Hannah, and began rubbing her vagina, and then fingering her.

"Oh God your right...even his fingers are big. I keep wondering how much bigger he'll get." Hannah said. I cringed a bit.

Rachel moaned softly. "I hope he keeps growing...this is amazing." I cringed more.

"Oh, I feed my man. Keep him healthy. He's getting as big as possible." Amanda said, with a huge smile. I closed my eyes, and tried to ignore this conversation.

"Whatever you're feeding him, keep it up!" Hannah said.

"I can't stop picturing him bigger and bigger..." Amanda said.

"I never thought so much man would be such a turn on." Hannah said, as I continued to finger her, and she began to pant, and move in really close to me.

I hate this conversation. I don't want to grow anymore.

"Oh God...oh fuck...yeah....yeah oh yeah!" Rachel started repeating these cliche sayings over and over again, as wave after wave after wave of orgasm slammed her body. Her legs gave way, and she fell forward. I quickly grabbed her around her waist, and stood up holding her. I turned her around, and she leaned over the bed, on her knees. She regained control over he extremities, as I slowly pulled out. "NO! Keep going! Fuck me!"

I obliged, pushing myself into her, on my knees, as moisture poured from her nether region, and she was hit with several more orgasms. "Rachel, stop hogging!" Hannah said, jokingly. I pulled out, and Rachel moved aside. I sat on the floor, with my back against the foot of the bed. Hannah faced me, and put herself on my penis, more easily than the other girls, and began pumping away.

Amanda moved in, and sat on my stomach, between me and Hannah, her breasts right in my face. I kissed and fondled them, as Hannah began kissing Amanda's neck and back. Rachel was laying on the bed behind me, her head touching my head. Amanda leaned forward and upward, kissing Rachel as she fingered herself.

After Hannah had her waves of orgasms, She sat up, and sat on the bed. Amanda and Rachel followed. "Come on, Tim." Amanda said. "Let us have it."

I stood up, and began stroking my giant penis after what had been a fast 4 hours of stimulation. It throbbed, blood poured into it as I grew more and more turned on to these 3 girls, waiting for my seed to unleash onto them. They huddled close,each of their hands playing with what they could in anticipating the massive amount of fluid that would soon come flowing onto them. My penis swelled even larger, as it prepared to orgasm. Almost out of nowhere, my first huge stream shot out, slamming Amanda in the face, causing her to move back slightly. The splash damage hit Rachel, who gasped. Her gasp barely even finished as my 2nd shot slammed on her neck and breasts. The 3rd one, the largest shot, hit Hannah in the mouth. She licked her lips and swallowed. The 2 new girls didn't know I would keep going, and I did. Shot after shot after shot showered onto them.

"Oh my God he won't stop!" Rachel said, as more and more of my load splashed onto her.

"I know, that's my man!" Amanda said, now only her hands still on my penis, encouraging blast after blast of semen to pour our, as she aimed it between her and her 2 friends.

Finally, my penis started dribbling instead of launching, and the girls were soaked. They voted to shower together, and invited me in. The night continued like this. I lost count as to how many orgasms the girls had. But we went at it for 2 more hours. All 3 girls laid on my bed, knocked out. I stood over them, my erection still full, throbbing, and ready for more. I sighed, and sat down on a chair in my room. I stroked my penis, giving it what it wanted until it would go back to being flaccid.

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