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Fri Jul 13 17:43:27 UTC 2012

A week later, I kept watching my body, examining every detail. I was annoyed that my doctor came onto me, but she was the only one I could use to reference my body size, and I wanted this to stop as soon as possible.

Amanda, though, seemed unphased when I told her the story of what happened. She said she couldn't blame the doctor, because I am the hottest man alive. I was slightly annoyed by this. I wanted to be devoted to my wife, the love of my life, and she didn't even care. This was different. I remember when she told me she would " your balls off and stick them so far up your ass that they would come out of yours eyes." if she ever caught me cheating. She was joking...but I could tell that she was deadly serious about cheating. Now, she is...almost encouraging me to cheat. I was more surprised, when after 5 hours of sex that night, she made an odd suggestion.

"So...remember how I said Rachel and Hannah couldn't stop talking about you?" Amanda asked me.

"What? I thought you said they only said I was hot or whatever."

"Yeah, but they always say it." She said, giving me a peck on the nose. "They...they kinda beg me to let them have some of you." She said.

"What?" I was a bit confused. Rachel and Hannah were very attractive girls. They were high school friends with Amanda, and were just as fit as her. Rachel was tall, 6'1". She was small chested, but built like a fitness super model. She had thick, muscular legs, and the best ass I've ever seen. Her stomach had a significant outline of abs, and her shoulders were broad. her arms were defined, as she did weight lift often. She wasn't bulky or manly, but very fit. She was blonde, with green eyes. 

Hannah, on the other hand, was exotic looking. She was 5'5", and just as fit as Rachel and Amanda, except more built. She was half Arabic, and had dark skin, hair, and eyes. She was a C cup, with an amazing ass, and very wide hips. This looked amazing on her very small waist.

"I really want them here, with us." Amanda said, completely sincere. "I was kinda scared of your reaction..."

"Wait, you want me to have sex with them?" I asked, confused.

"Well, I want all 3 of us with you, here. In our bed." She said.

I shook my head. "Our bed!?" I felt like something sacred was being defiled. Am I the only, only person, who felt that sex had any special connection to it? "Sex isn't something that should just be thrown around to anyone, Amanda! I Love YOU. Not Rachel, not Hannah, not that fucking doctor. You!"

"I know that!" She said, annoyed that it seemed like I was accusing her of not loving me. "But this isn't something that is permanent. We're young! We should have a bit of fun for a while, you know? Maybe play around now, and then you can devote yourself to me." She suggested.

"I..." I took a deep breath. This was making me incredibly sad.

"You told me yourself, You've only been with 1 girl before me, right?"

"Ya..." I said.

"So you are gonna go your whole life, with only 2 women, and think that will be enough for you?"

"Are you cheating on me?" I asked.


"Why else would you be trying to get me to be with other women? You are trying to soften the blow!?" I said.

"Ew! I would never cheat on you, you asshole!" She shouted, and got out of bed. "I'm giving you an offer. If I wanted to have sex with another guy, I would fucking ask." She said, angry, as she began to put on her clothes.

"This doesn't make sense, Amanda. you've never acted like this. Now that I'm huge, you want to share me?" I said. "My body has changed the way you look at me."

"No you idiot. I changed. I'm different. Everyone changes Tim. I'm willing to keep things the way they are. But I'm more open about changing them. The only thing that changed is that I want to try new things. That's it." She explained. "Stop assuming things. I just want to have fun. If you don't wanna, that's fine. And I'm asking you now, do you want to do this?" She said.

I paused. 3 incredibly sexy women, all focused on me? Amanda really wanted to do this. This should be a dream come true. I think because this is all based in my growth, I'm scared of it. I hate even the good things coming from this growth, but I shouldn't put that onto Amanda. If it will make her's my obligation to do so. "Fine." I said.

She jumped up with joy, like a little kid allowed to do something after begging her parents. "I'll call them right now!" She said. On her phone, she talked fast, explaining the situation. She planned to have the event the next week.

As the day approached, I got really sick. I'm not sure exactly what happened, but I could barely move. I laid in my bed for 3 days. The sex party was delayed until the next week.

The day finally arrived. Amanda had been preparing everything. Candles, lube, sexy lingerie. She had Hannah and Rachel tested for any STD's, and made sure they were on birth control. She wanted this to be perfect.

It was 3 weeks since I was last at my doctor, getting measured. Amanda wanted to measure me today though. She started with height.

Standing on the bed, she marked my height on the wall, and then measured with a tape measure. "Haha! That's amazing, you are 6 feet, 8 and a half inches tall!" She said. I cringed. I hated these numbers. Amanda loved them. "Come on, get on the scale. Look how big your arms are getting." She said, almost hypnotized by my large biceps. I stepped on the scale. It spun all the way around, past the 0 once, and back to 15 lbs.

"This is a maximum of 300, right?" I asked.

"Yeah." Amanda said.

"I'm 315 lbs." I said, frustrated.

"My big man!" She said, hugging me around my stomach. She took a deep breath, absorbing my scent that she loved. "Next!" She quickly pulled down my boxers, and tugged on my penis.

"Hold on, if it gets hard, I'm gonna have to have sex with you to make it go flaccid again." I said.

"That's fine. It's not like either of us will have problems getting hot tonight." She said, with a smile. "Close your eyes!" She said. "I want it to be a surprise to you." I listened, and she measured my length, and girth. "My God..." She said, and quickly ran and got her phone.

"What? How big am I?" I asked, confused.

She put up her finger, now on the phone. "Rachel! Guess what! Tonight, we have a foot long penis to play with! Yeah! He got even bigger! It's 7.4 around too. I don't know, a soda can is like...8 inches around. Yeah, everything on him just keeps getting bigger. Of course you can. The bigger he gets, the more help I'm gonna need to get him off. Haha! Oh yeah, of course! He looks like a body builder right now. Except probably bigger. And less shiny. He put on like...50 lbs in 3 weeks. He's huge!"

This whole phone conversation, all I was doing, was staring at my giant penis, looking at it like a curse. An ever growing, swelling, thickening curse. I was turning less and less into a person, but more and more into a being made just for sex.

They both finally came. I was sitting on the edge of my bed, having a conflict of interest. I kept telling myself this was for Amanda. I kept telling myself I wasn't doing this for myself. But once all 3 girls walked in, each in only their bra and panties, I couldn't deny that I wanted this, just like any other guy. My libido overwhelmed any moral conflict I may have had. Amanda had already told me to be naked, so I sat there, with my 7 inch flaccid penis hanging down.

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