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Routing Gone Wild: Documenting upstream filtering in Oman via India

Key Findings

	• Data collected from Oman shows that web filtering applied by India-based ISPs is restricting access to content for customers of an ISP in Oman. While unusual, content filtering undertaken in one political jurisdiction can have an effect on users in another political jurisdiction as a result of ISP routing arrangements – a phenomenon known as “upstream filtering.”
	• Content found to be filtered includes news sites, political blogs and file sharing sites.
	• Some variability in filtering was documented, potentially linked to certain measures to loosen filtering regulations in India.


Please Note:


Raw data for the proxy test results cited here can be found in the following formats:

Summarized results [Google doc]
Summarized results [csv]
Raw data [zip - html, csv, txt]
The data presented is from a June 18, 2012 test run of a URL list through two Omantel proxies, as well as from the Czech Republic as a control. There are three types of block pages that have been highlighted in the columns:

oman_block_social - An Omani block page that specifies that the blocking was due to "societal and cultural norms of the sultanate."
oman_block_laws - An Omani block page that specifies the reason for blocking was a violation of the law.
india_block - An Indian block page that specifies the reason for blocking was a court order.
The presented zip file contains the html contents and headers returned during the course of this test run. To view this data, extract the zip file and open the contained index.html. Please exercise caution when following any links in this file, as the file contains contents of website data returned and we can make no guarantee as to what these sites contain. This data is presented for informational purposes only and we make no claims regarding the ownership of website content.

There were two redactions made in the data. The IP numbers of proxies used were obfuscated and the website contents of the site songdad.com were removed, due to the fact that during the time of testing this site contained the JS/Blacole exploit kit.

Ronald J. Deibert
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The Citizen Lab
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University of Toronto
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