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> When he sat down on the bed, he quickly pulled his stretchy pants down as
> far as he could reach. Still, his tremendous prick was trapped, the pants
> leg tight around his ankle and the swollen, almost eighteen inch
> circumference pole. Unh! Gotta give my dick some room! I need this out!
> Chris lunged forward and desperately pulled at the pants, trying to free
> his gargantuan schlong and give himself some needed relief.
> WHACK! Freed of its confinement, the tree trunk of Chris’s cock slammed
> into his face. Chris was stunned by the hot, solid mass of his colossal
> prick. The wide, firm shaft pushed against his face, rising to its full
> thirty inches proudly. Trying to right himself, Chris grasped his dick
> firmly with both hands (although unable to fully encircle its eighteen inch
> girth) and felt any resolve he might have had melt away. Ohh, man. I gotta
> jerk off. My cock needs to be jerked off. It’s so hard and it’s been
> waiting sooo long. I won’t call the girls. Jen will understand. I can’t
> help it. There’s no way I could wait that long. It’s impossible. If I can
> just jerk off once…a few times… some, I can wait for Jen to get back. Just
> a few times and I can wait. Maybe an hour or two and I will be fine.
> Chris’s hands eagerly roamed up and down the expanse of his giant dick,
> caressing himself and causing him to gasp in anticipation. Yesss. Been
> waiting
>  so long, haven’t you? Chris wrapped both hands under his throbbing
> monster and bounced it up and down, feeling every ounce of its massive,
> twenty-five pound weight. Gotta take good care of this cock.
> Oooh! Wait! Jen has lube in here! Nothing but the best for my huge cock.
> You’ve been such a good boy, waiting all this time. Stroking himself
> lovingly, Chris levered himself upright, spreading his legs wide to
> accommodate the twenty pound weight of his full, heavy ballsack. That lube
> will feel sooo good on my fat dick. Oh, yes it will, won’t it? Chris patted
> his titanic rod proudly, and stood up, feeling the sudden weight of his
> hugely bloated cock and balls. Ohhh, yeah. Who’s got the biggest package in
> the world? Me.
> He caught a glimpse of himself in Jen’s mirror and straightened up
> proudly. His gargantuan, smooth ballsack hung heavy between his legs to his
> knees, pushing his thighs apart due to its incredible size. His thirty inch
> long cock bobbed up and down as he straighened up, standing up fully erect
> despite its monumental dimensions. His slender frame was dwarfed by his
> mammoth package. Chris’s swollen cock was thicker than his arm, and looked
> to be almost as thick as his thigh. Oh, yeah. That’s what a real man looks
> like. Nobody else has a cock half as nice as this one. Chris continued to
> stroke himself as he turned to admire himself in the mirror, watching his
> gargantuan rod bob up and down hypnotically. Chris experimentally thrust
> his hips back and forth and was rewarded with the consuming sensation of
> forty five pounds of hot cock and balls bouncing and flopping between his
> legs. Ohhh, that feels great! No wonder the girls can’t resist me. Look at
>  all this meat. I’m surprised that Terry and Greg can keep their hands off
> this beautiful dick. James can’t keep his hands or mouth off my prick, and
> he hates gays. I must drive Greg crazy.
> Chis watched his thick, stiff prick slowly bob as he pumped his hips again
> and again, letting his immense nutsack shift between his legs. Chris
> reveled in the feeling of his huge, heavy ballsack sliding over the skin of
> his thighs He reached down and cupped his immense, bloated balls. He slowly
> lifted them up, feeling their mass in his arms, and letting their upper
> curves lift his gargantuan slab of meat. Oh, yeah. Nice and full. Tasha’s
> right. I do like to keep my balls nice and full. Chris bobbed his nuts up
> and down, admiring himself in the mirror. Why not? Bigger is better, right?
> Like Jen said, too big is best. Chis was mesmerized by the sight of his
> gargantuan genitals, looking so oversized on his small frame. Time to give
> this fantastic dick a little TLC. Chris confidently leaned forward to grab
> a bottle of Astroglide from Jen’s bedside table.
> “Aaaaargh!” Chris’s erection, longer than his reach, slammed into the
> table. Oh, baby! Daddy’s sorry! Chris wrapped his arms around his shaft and
> hugged it tightly, caressing it with his fingers as he winced. The motion
> brought his thick, warm shaft to his face as he did so, and without
> thinking, he leaned forward and kissed it several times. I’m so sorry,
> gorgeous. I never want to hurt you. Chris continued to kiss his fat salami,
> moving from quick pecks with closed lips to open-mouthed kisses. Is my baby
> okay? Can I make it feel better? Chris continued to plant sloppy, wet
> kisses all over his veiny, throbbing rod. His wet lips wandered over all
> the hot flesh he could reach. Finally, Chris opened his mouth wide and gave
> his glans a long, lingering lick. Mmmmmm. Daddy will make it all better.
> Mmmmmmmmm-hmmmmm.
> What am I doing? Chris pulled his head back from his dick, with an
> unexpected reluctance. I’m not gay. Why am I licking my own dick? Chris sat
> down on the bed and looked at his own mammoth erection. Only gay guys want
> to suck dick, right? The urges from his huge, throbbing prick were too
> strong to resist completely. Chris squirted lube all over his right hand
> and rubbed his hands together, then grasped his thick, veiny shaft and
> began to stroke slowly. That’s better. It’s not gay to love jerking off.
> All guys jerk off. I just love it more because my cock is so big and thick.
> Chris stared at his monster dong with admiration. So much bigger than
> anyone else. He continued to stroke his shaft with delight, the huge amount
> of lube squelching as he spread it all over his dick.
> I like it when Jen licks me. It feels soooo good. I like it when Kimber
> and Tasha lick me. They both do it so nice. I like it when the girls lick
> my cock. Chris reached down and clenched his thick shaft at the base. He
> slid his hands up the length of his pole as he laid back on the bed. When
> he couldn’t reach any higher, he reversed direction and began to stroke
> downward towards his overstuffed balls. I’m too big to even reach my
> cockhead this way. It’s so great to be too big. Chris massaged his swollen,
> churning nuts.
> It felt pretty good even when James sucked my dick. I wasn’t looking for a
> guy to suck me off, but that felt pretty good, too. He was crazy for it,
> just like the girls. Anybody would be crazy for this cock. Chris started
> another slow, leisurely stroke up his cock, but this time he pulled his
> huge, thick prick close to his body, bringing his gigantic, broad cockhead
> close to his face. This way I can stroke it all the way to the head. His
> massive prick felt so heavy and hot on his torso. I like having my cock
> sucked. Chris’s gargantuan dick was now throbbing less than an inch away
> from his face. I love having my cock sucked. He began to stroke it
> steadily, faster and faster, keeping it held close to his body, and his
> face. My cock loves to be sucked. He crossed his legs in a loose lotus
> position, squeezing his massive ballsack with gentle pressure. Chris
> continued to stroke his thick salami, roaming his hands all over his
> sensitive shaft. My cock needs
>  to be sucked. He brought the tip of his tongue out of his mouth and
> lightly licked his own cock head.
> Ohhhhh, yeah! The feeling was amazingly intense. That feels incredible!
> Chris continued to massage his veiny monster, trying to restrain himself
> from licking his dick again. It’s not gay if you suck your own dick, is it?
> He licked himself again, tentatively. Fuck, that feels good! It’s not gay
> if you jerk yourself off, right? Chris squeezed his legs together,
> increasing the pressure inside his swollen ballsack. It’s gay if you beat
> off another guy, but it’s not gay to jerk off yourself. Chris allowed
> himself a long, lingering lick, roaming from one side of his huge shaft to
> the other. It’s totally not gay to suck your own cock, then.
> Chris began to lick his own cock with increasing vigor. As his huge dick
> was almost six inches thicker than a two-liter bottle, he was unable to
> reach everywhere, but he was obviously making an effort. Mmm. Feels so
> good. As he continued to stroke his dick harder and faster, Chris began to
> slurp and kiss his own cock head, planting wet, sucking kisses all over his
> cock head. Such a good cock. So tasty and delicious. Soon, Chris was
> arching his back, hugging his fat monster to his chest to let his frenzied
> tongue lick the very tip of his broad, red cock head. I wish I could lick
> every inch, buddy, but I’m doing my best! You’re just soooo big.
> Stretching, Chris devoured his cock head with his tongue, from the fat,
> sensitive rim to the very end of his cock slit. His tongue strained to
> reach everywhere, but Chris’s dick was just too massive for his mouth to be
> able to reach every spot. I need some help licking this cock. The girls
> might be able to
>  handle all of it, but I bet a few more girls could just about lick all of
> it at once. The thought of a bevy of beautiful girls all determinedly
> slurping on his giant schlong turned Chris on even more.
> Mmph. Chris slurped his open mouth all over his cock head, eagerly
> tonguing himself into a frenzy. Mmmmmph. Chris rocked his legs back and
> forth, pumping his bloated, overfilled balls with sensation.
> Mmmmmmmmmmmmph. Chris lapped his tongue up and down his hypersensitized
> cock slit.
> Oh, fuck! I’m gonna cum all over Jen’s bed! Chris could feel a massive,
> unstoppable orgasm building deep in his balls. He did the only thing he
> could. He took a deep breath and planted his mouth firmly over his own,
> gigantic cock slit.
> Uuuuuuuuuuungh! Chris felt the flood of cum begin to geyser up from his
> balls, flooding inexorably up his thick, hot shaft. Automatically, his arms
> continued to stroke his colossal rod and his legs clenched to squeeze the
> most spunk out of his super-sized nuts. Before he even thought about it, a
> torrent of thick, hot jizz had erupted into his mouth. Mmmph! There’s so
> much! Chris struggled to gulp it all down, already feeling a second pulse
> of cum building up in his balls. It tastes…good! Ughpf! Chris guzzled down
> the second surge of jizz, and the third, but he could tell that his weighty
> nutsack had plenty more to come. I’m not sure I can swallow all this. Its
> too much! As a fourth, then fifth flood of semen bulged out his cheeks
> before being sucked down, Chris felt a familiar fullness building in his
> flat tummy. I’m cumming so much I’m filling up my tummy! How much jizz have
> I swallowed? I’m getting full! Involuntarily, Chris thought of the
>  gorgeous little Persephone, seated on the table, stuffing him with
> doughnut after doughnut. No, I’m not! If I can stuff myself with doughnuts
> I can stuff myself with cum. I can do this! Chris tightened his grip on his
> gigantic rod and began to pump even more vigorously. He choked down enough
> spunk to let himself take a gasp of air, and began to suck desperately on
> his own cock. Mmmmmm, yeah! Come on, baby, gimme all you got!
> After a dozen huge pulses of cum had surged up his cock and into his eager
> mouth, Chris’s stomach was full and bulging. However, he carefully and
> deliberately squeezed his entire shaft, from root to tip, while sucking as
> hard as he could. Chris carefully drained every drop of cum he could out of
> his huge cock before releasing his liplock on his fat cockhead. He licked
> his lips to recover every ounce of spunk, then rubbed his hands over his
> full belly with satisfaction. Aaaaah. Just a little bit and all of this
> will go right back to fattening up my balls. I could probably do this all
> ni…
> “Can you start over? I forgot to grab my camera.” Chris glanced around the
> massive column of his still firm dick and saw Tasha and Kimber watching
> from the open door.
> Kimber began to clap. “Oh, Chris, that was amazing! I think you swallowed
> even more than me or Jen! “

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