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As his monstrous
dick began to balloon up to its full length and girth, Chris noticed
it start to poke out of the shower stall. Holy
crap! I’m too big to fit in the shower!Chris quickly leaned back against the shower wall and cradled his
cock in both hands, lifting the massive shaft upwards rather than
outwards. That’s
a good cock. Too big for the shower. Such a good cock. Mmmmm.Chris spread his legs wide to let his balls sway freely between them.
He squirted more body wash on his giant rod and slipped his hands up
and down the length. Chris bit his lip with the incredible pleasure
he was experiencing. Though the girth of his cock was too great for
him to reach around it, even with both hands, Chris clutched the
shaft as best he could and began to pump it vigorously, thrusting
with his hips. The extra motion allowed him to slip a full twenty
four inches of his dick between his hands on each stroke, and the
thrusts caused his weighty sack to sway pleasurably between his legs.
“Unh! Unh!” Chris began to grunt softly in pleasure.  
“Oh, yeah.”
Chris heard a voice echoing softly across the tiled room. Somebody
else is in here! I didn’t hear them come in. What the h— “Mmnh.
Ungh” Chris could hear the other guy’s voice as he evidently
began to enjoy himself as well. He hesitated, but the insistent
demands of his monster were just too urgent to ignore. He resumed his
masturbation, first just stroking his gargantuan boner, then resuming
the hip-swinging thrusts that felt so incredible. Before long, both
guys were audibly grunting and moaning. Chris heard the bathroom door
open again. Awww,
man! Not now!He stopped his thrusting, but continued to stroke his aching cock. I
can’t just stop.As he heard feet patting across the tile floor to the shower right
next to him, Chris was amazed to hear the first guy continue to grunt
and moan as he stroked himself. That
guy has no shame! Or maybe he’s just too horny to care.As Chris continued to caress his gigantic prick quietly, the water in
the shower next to him came on, and he heard a loud expulsion of
“Whew. Fuck,
yeah.” A different voice in the adjacent shower startled Chris,
momentarily interrupting his rhythm. Slow grunting told him that this
guy was jerking off too. Screw
these guys! If they’re not embarassed about it, why should I be? I
guarantee you I’m hornier than both of them put together.Chris began to jerk off in earnest, bucking his hips to slide as much
of his fat rod through his hands as possible.  
“Unh. Ungh.”
Chris started to grunt, even doing it a little louder, deliberately.
The other two voices responded in kind, all three guys becoming quite
audible. Neither guy said more than the occasional ‘fuck’ or
‘yeah’, and the acoustics and the running water muffled their
voices, so Chris couldn’t identify either of them. None of them was
very shy about what they were doing, though, even when one of the
others came to a loud, gasping orgasm. Chris was about to follow him
when the bathroom doors opened again. Not
stopping now. Feels too good to stop.As his massive cock began to erupt in a geyser of cum, Chris could
hear a fourth guy slide back a shower curtain and start up a shower.
“Fuck! Unh! Uhn! Uhn!” Chris continued stroking as his balls
pumped again and again, flooding the stall with a pint or more of
“Hell, yeah!”,
said a quiet voice from the next stall. All three of the showering
guys continued to stroke themselves, grunting and moaning. Though a
pint of jizz was slowly seeping down the drain, Chris grabbed his
hard dick and began to stroke himself again. I’m
not stopping if they aren’t. Nobody can outlast this dick.As he resumed his thrusting, he began vocalizing even louder. “Holy
shit!” breathed one of the other guys. That expression of amazement
galvanized Chris and he began to buck and pump with wild abandon. Damn
right! Nobody’s got a cock like this!  
With the loud sounds
of the other three guys also jerking off, Chris eventually brought
himself to a second massive ejaculation. A couple of them came before
he did, but his was definitely the longest, again, and the loudest.
With barely a pause to finish cumming, Chris resumed stroking his
rock-hard wang, thrusting madly and grunting like an animal. He could
hear the other guys, but after the first few strokes, he became
totally focused on grappling with his giant beast. Gotta
take care of the monster. Need it all the time. Fuck, this feels so
Chris’s colossal rod was far too long to thrust horizontally,
unless he wanted to stick half a foot of it out of the shower, so he
was leaning back low against the shower wall and thrusting his hips
upward, bringing his cock upwards on each thrust. This allowed him to
roam his hands over the entire length of his fat prick on each
stroke, before rubbing his glans at the end of each stroke. As he got
more and more involved in his masturbation, Chris’s stance altered,
and he could feel the huge expanse of his cockhead touching the
shower curtain at the end of each stroke, pushing it outward
slightly. He was too far gone to be concerned, however.  
Chris finally
reached his third, volcanic orgasm with a loud, guttural grunt. His
first spurt of cum shot out all over the shower curtain with an
audible splash, followed by a second, and third, and so on, until, a
dozen surges later, Chris had pumped another pint or so of cum all
over the interior of the shower, accompanied by loud moans and grunts
with each ejaculation. Oh,
yeah! What do you guys think of that?Chris finally paused in his frenzied masturbation, and realized that
the shower room was quiet, other than his own shower. There was no
sound of others showering, and no other voices echoing against the

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> On Sat, 07 Jul 2012 18:03:43 -0700, Randy said:
>>> "What's the problem with using as a subnet mask if you
>>> want to make a LAN subnet with 12 hosts?"
>>> (5 word answer)
> I'm not sure if that's a typo or excessive evil on the part of the questioner. ;)
>> My response would be: Discontiguous subnet masks were allowed in the pre-CIDR era.
> Yes, but even if it was *legal*, the "subnet doesn't contain 12 addresses" answer applies. ;)

It's just a can do all sorts of crazy things with netmasks. The results of using "unusual" ones is not typically predictable or desireable to those who might accidentally use them.

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