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Chris began to
waddle slowly to his room, his huge, full balls hanging heavily
between his legs. His flaccid anaconda had begun to swell again, and
the added weight of his growing member was making it increasingly
more difficult to move quickly. After his ungainly shuffle to the
Tupelos, Chris was again faced with the challenge of getting up the
stairs. While he had much more support than last time, and two free
hands, his ballsack was even fuller and heavier, and his rod was
slowly but insistently growing. Chris sighed and began the arduous
climb up the stairs, as other boys passed him in both directions with
annoyance. Swinging each leg up and around a package which easily
weighed twenty five pounds or more was hard work. Chris was sweating
by the time he reached the second floor. OK,
so maybe I do get the food to go, and bulk up my balls after I get up
the stairs.  
Chris shambled down
the hall to his room, his groin growing heavier and more insistent
with each step. By the time he reached the door, he was leaning
forward with the increasing weight between his legs. He fumbled with
the key until he got the door unlocked, and staggered into the room,
pushing it closed behind him.  
Gotta get these
pants off, now!Chris slipped off the suspenders and let his baggy pants drop to the
ground. He hobbled across the room with the pants around his ankles,
towards his bed. He eased off each shoe with the other foot, and the
loose pants slipped off as well. Chris winced as he pulled the
waistband of the spandex down over his stiffening cock and swollen
balls. Trying to get the spandex off as his python continued to grow
was an exercise in frustration. Finally, both his full, massive
nutsack and his thickening cock were both free.  
Chris hefted his
balls onto the bed and sighed in relief. Whoooo.
Heavy.His colossal rod, now resting comfortably between his nuts, continued
to grow, now quickly swelling free from confinement. Chris patted it
fondly. Oh,
yeah…Grow big for me.With his meat resting on the bed, Chris had an idea. He stepped
carefully around his bed, keeping his huge manhood supported on the
mattress. He reached over and snagged one of the laundry bags, and,
leaning far forward, slid the bag over his throbbing cock. Chris slid
the smooth fabric down his huge girth, the sensation driving him
wild. Then he pulled the drawstring taut at the base of his shaft. Hopefully
this will keep the cleanup to a minimum.  
Then, standing at
the foot of the bed, Chris climbed onto his bed on his knees, sliding
his hard cock along the bed in front of him. His gigantic sack
flopped against his thighs, and his dick bumped gently across the
sheets, driving him wild. Chris stopped and reached forward for his
pillows. He sandwiched his thirty inch monster between his pillows,
resting it on one, and squeezing the other pillow firmly across the
top of his shaft. A substantial portion of his fuckstick protruded
beyond the pillows. Damn!
I should have bought two body pillows for this.Chris leaned forward, pressing down on the sides of the pillows,
clamping his prick between them. Chris began to pump his hips,
fucking his pillows. The laundry bag was smooth enough to allow his
cock to slide back and forth, and the pressure he exterted was like a
firm grasp all over a foot or more of his dick. Unh!
Feels pretty good.Chris began to pump harder, thrusting his hips harder and sliding as
much of his meat between the pillows as he could. Unh,
Uhn. Yeah. This feels goooood.As his pleasure built up towards climax, Chris began thrusting as
fast as he could, feeling his huge sack slap against his thighs with
each thrust.  
“Unnnnnnh!” The
first flood of cum surged out of his cock, and Chris could feel its
warm wetness oozing around the head of his dick. Ohhh,
yeah.He continued to thrust as his huge organ pumped out more and more
jizz. Each eruption of cum gushed out of his massive cock and
spattered into the bag. A dozen or more surges later, Chris’s
orgasm subsided. The laundry bag was sloshing with a pint or more of
Chris’s spunk.The fabric seemed to be containing it well, though,
and there was no signs of leaking.  
Chris’s gigantic
prick, however, was still achingly erect and throbbing. His colossal
balls, swinging heavily from his groin, were still bloated with an
almost full load, and he felt no urge to slow down. No sooner than
his first orgasm had subsided, Chris resumed thrusting his thick
shaft between the pillows. The cum-spattered bag was now warm and wet
and his arousal hadn’t diminished a bit. Chris spread his legs a
bit wider and exulted in the feeling of his gargantuan nutsack
swaying heavily back and forth, gently brushing the covers. His first
flood of cum was soon followed by a second, equally enormous series
of ejaculations. Now the bag was filled with a quart or more of hot
semen, but Chris didn’t feel the slightest bit sated. I
might as well just enjoy myself until Jen gets here. She wanted to
help me get to my biggest, so I shouldn’t be too big when she gets
here.Without even a pause after his climax, Chris began thrusting again,
losing himself in the sensations from his giant cock. He didn’t
even notice when the door opened, then closed, behind him.  
Chris had his legs
spread wide apart and was furiously fucking the paired pillows with
his wrapped prick. Between the warm, wet fluid in the bag, and the
delicious feeling of his fat balls bouncing first against the
pillows, then against his thighs, Chris was completely oblivious. His
eyes were closed and he was fantasizing about an entire array of
erotic images:  
• • • 
Sitting in his
class with the two lesbians, wearing a stretchy pair of sweat pants
instead of his baggy black pants, and slowly popping a monstrous
boner as they stared in rapt fascination.  
Sliding his
massive rod between Jen’s breasts, which had somehow swelled to the
size of large beachballs, yet remained round and bouncy.  
Being jerked off
by Jen and Tasha and Kimber, their eager hands and soft mouths
delighting in his ample cock, the girls laughing as they shared their
Striding into the
dorm shower room totally nude with a full erection, as Javier, Kevin,
and the other jocks from the stairwell watched with awe, stroking
himself to orgasm after orgasm in the shower in front of them.  
Barbie, totally
nude in the snack shop, licking his oversized cock head with gusto
while she spoon-fed him from an endless cup of creamy milkshake.  
Tracy, clad only
in her red Target shirt, astride his huge dick, masturbating him with
her hands and legs on top of the customer service counter.  
Greg and Terry
and Javier, urging him on, cheering, as he drenched a cowed and
subdued James with a limitless supply of thick, sticky jizz.  
insatiable, gorging herself not on food, but on the delicious supply
of cum from his swollen balls, her stomach bulging with the vast
quantities she had devoured.  
Jen, wide eyed
and adoring, murmuring to him as she kissed him, “Get big for me,
Chris. Get big. Get bigger. Get bigger.”  
inexhaustible, Chris jerked himself off to a third massive orgasm,
then a fourth, and a fifth, and finally, a sixth. With each climax,
the bag grew fuller and fuller as his nuts pumped out a flood of
spunk. Though Chris never noticed, lost in his pleasure, at some
point before his sixth and final ejaculation, the door to the room
opened again and closed behind him. By the time he collapsed,
exhausted, onto his bed, the laundry bag was filled with over a
gallon of his thick, sticky seed, and his fat balls had shrunk in
mass to about half their maximum weight. Whew!
I need a breather! Chris
rolled to one side, feeling the heft of his cock and balls pulling
against his body as he did so. As he patted them contentedly, his
cell phone, on the dresser, rang loudly.  
• • • 
 Part 63.  
Chris tumbled out of
his bed, his softening cock flopping against his legs. He struggled
to hurry over to his phone with his bulky genitals swinging between
his legs. He grabbed the phone and blurted “Hello?”  
“Hey, sweetie pie!
How is my big boy doing? Have you been a good boy, today?” It was
Jen, her voice bubbly and curious.  
“Jen! Hey! I was
just thinking about you!” And
Persephone, and Tracy, and Tasha, and Kimber, and Barbie… “Wait.
How did you get my number? Uh, not that I mind, but…”  
“You called the
pizza place, remember? The system captures all the phone calls to the
store, silly.” She snorted. “Either that or I Googled “biggest
cock in the world”, and there you were on Wikipedia. Now, tell me
that you haven’t been pigging out. I’ve been thinking all day
about watching you get bigger, and what I wanted to do when you were
at your very, very biggest for me.” Jen’s voice was very husky.  
“No! I’m starving!
I can’t wait to eat something. I’m dying to see you.” I’ll
just tactfully omit the last few hours on that. I am starving right
now, so that part is all true.  
“Oh, sweetie! I’m
dying to see you too. I’m headed back home from school. I’ll just
stop and pick you up, if that’s okay.” Chris indicated his
acquiescence. “Chris, is there any chance I might get you to wear
your sweats instead of your baggy pants? Or maybe something a little
tighter?”, Jen asked eagerly.  
Chris was flummoxed.
He wanted to make Jen happy, but he was really not looking forward to
showing off his oversized prick on campus. “Uh, I don’t really
have anything else that fits, Jen. I can wear some of my spandex
leggings under the pants for you. Those are really, really tight.
Would that be OK?”  
“Sweetie, I know
you are self-conscious about your size, but you should be showing it
off to the whole world, not just little ol’ me. Anyway, it’s not
like I’m going to parade you around town just yet. It would just be
the two of us at my apartment with my roommates.”  
“With Tasha and
Kimber?” Chris couldn’t help himself. “Really?”  
“Well, yeah.
I mean, it’s not like I can just bundle you into the apartment and
smuggle food into my bedroom for you. Tasha and Kimber live there,
too. They’re gonna want to actually meetyou eventually. I might be able to get away with dragging a boy into
the boudoir a few times, but having him over for dinner?
Introductions are in order, sweetie pie.”  
“Oh, yeah. I guess
that makes sense.” Despite his earlier fantasies, Chris was now
experiencing a bit of anxiety about being revealed to Jen’s
roommates. “It’s just that I…don’t have a second pair of
sweat pants. I usually wear those baggy black ones.”  
“Chris, sweetie,
three things. First, those aren’t your sweat pants. You might have
gone to Belmont High, but you weren’t on the lacrosse team.” Oh,
right. Team name on the leg,
Chris noted as he looked at the sweatpants strewn on the floor. Glad
I’m dating Nancy Drew.
Jen continued, “Second, I said I wanted to seeyou get to your biggest. I can’t watch those gorgeous balls get all
fat and firm if you’re hiding them in your pants. Mmmm, I’ve been
thinking about that alllll day.”  
Me too! thought
Chris. However, he asked, “What was the third thing?”  
Jen stammered for a
second, seemingly interrupted in her train of thought. “Uh, er, oh,
the third thing is I’m not having my roomies think I’m dating a
Goth. You have to look normal for them.”  
“Jen, if I
can stay soft around you, I’ve got a nineteen inch long dick, and
you want to feed me until my balls get back to ten pounds apiece. I’m
not going to look normal.”  
“Sweetie, I said youhad to look normal. Your wiener can be its usual, jaw-dropping,
eye-popping, mouth-watering self. Now, let’s compromise: you put on
your Goth camouflage, and grab a pair of sweats from your roomie. You
can come over to the apartment in steath mode, but once you’re over
here, I want your package on display. The girls will flip out.”
Jen’s voice sounded like she would brook no argument.  
“Okay. That’s
fair.” I’m
not about to say no to a girl who is not only crazy about my big
cock, but who wants to help keep my balls nice and full. Especially
not when she looks like Jen.“When will you be here?”  
“Sweetie pie, if
it wasn’t stupid to talk on the cell and drive, I’d already be
there. I’m sitting in my car on my campus right now. It will be
like, ten minutes, tops. Will you meet me outside, or should I come
in and help you lug that monster down the stairs?”  
Ten minutes?
Fuck! I’m naked and I’ve got a laundry bag with a gallon of cum
in it to get rid of. Crap! Do I have some homework to do?“Ten minutes should be fine, Jen. I’ll be waiting. I can’t wait
to see you.”  
“There’s a lotof stuff I can’t wait for, sweetie. See you soon!” Jen hung up
the phone. Chris sprung into action, as best he could with a massive
limp penis and two huge balls swinging between his legs. He grabbed
the bag and carried it over to the sink in the room. OK,
this is more than a gallon.He turned on the hot water fairly high, and started to pour the
sticky, gloppy mass of jizz down the drain. He thought that he was
about to clog the sink several times, but finally the entire load of
cum had drained away. Chris turned the bag inside out and scrubbed
the semen off the fabric, then hung it on the towel rack to dry. He
looked at the clock and panicked. Shit!
Do I have time to stuff myself into some spandex? He
waddled across the floor, his huge package slapping against his legs
with each step. Chris grabbed the spandex he had worn earlier and
began maneuvering himself back into the garment. At
least this one is stretched out a bit. Not quite as hard to get into
the second time.Once his manhood was restrained by the spandex, Chris pulled on a
shirt, then stepped into his baggy black pants, and hooked the
suspenders over his shoulders. He put back on his shoes, and started
for the door.  
Wait a minute!
Damn!Chris opened Greg’s dresser guiltily and grabbed another pair of
his roommate’s sweat pants. He then grabbed his laptop too. I’m
not sure if I’ll actually get any time to work on homework, but
it’s the thought that counts. Speaking of thoughts…Chris
grabbed another of the laundry bags, too. Chris stepped out of the
room and immediately almost ran into Javier.  
• • • 
 Part 64.  
“Hey, man! How’s
it hanging?” Javier greeted him exuberantly, grabbing Chris’s
free hand in a shake while clasping his shoulder with his own free
arm. Javier was wearing a tight white T-shirt which showcased his
muscles through the thin material, and a pair of skin-tight jeans
whose button fly was strained over his prominent bulge. “I haven’t
seen you around. I’ve seen bothyour roomates, though, man. That shit’s rough.” He adjusted his
package unselfconsciously. “I thought I could satisfy the ladies,
but that Terry? Damn! Greg could catch some tail too, if he was
interested. Am I right?” Javier playfully punched Chris in the arm.
“I thought my roommate had it bad. He only has to live with oneguy all the girls are drooling over.” Javier paused at Chris’s
expression. “Hey, man, I didn’t mean nothing by it. I was just
kidding. Is Greg here? We were supposed to meet up after class.”  
Chris made a
conscious effort to wipe the impatient look from his face. “Sorry,
Javier. I don’t know where Greg is. I’m not angry. I’m just
late. I’m supposed to be meeting my girlfriend.” Chris blurted
the last sentence out without thinking, and Javier’s face broke
into a surprised smile.  
“No shit, man?
Hell, you work almost as fast as Terry! Lemme get out of your way,
Chris. I’m sure you’d rather be hanging with your girl than
standing around in the hall with me.” He patted Chris on the
shoulder as he let him pass. “Go get her, bro.”  
Chris waddled down
the stairs with his thick flaccid cock and big balls snugly held by
his spandex underpants. While his nuts were still huge in comparison
to anyone else’s, his recent session had drained them
substantially, and they didn’t sway and bounce nearly as much as
they had going up the stairs. Plus, the anticipation of seeing Jen
again was lending speed to his step.  
That Javier is
pretty friendly for a guy I only met once in the showers. He seems
cool, though. I feel kinda bad for him in a way. I guess he got used
to being “big”, and then came to school here. It seems like word
has really gotten out about Terry’s size. It’s too bad he doesn’t
have any more cream. It would be cool to help Javier get up to about
Terry’s size, so he didn’t have to feel self-conscious about it.
Not my size though. I wanna be the biggest around. I don’t want
anybody even getting closeto my size. Probably for the best that I used up all the cream.  
Chris stepped
outside and saw Jen getting out of her car at the curb. “Jen! Hey,
Jen!” He waved at her and she waved back. “I’m coming!” Chris
started to run, then quickly caught himself. No
more running with this monster.He settled for quickening his pace down the sidewalk towards her. As
he did, she walked around the side of her car and waited for him.
When Chris drew near, she spread her arms eagerly.  
“Hey, sweetie!
What took you so long?” Jen wrapped her arms around his neck and
pulled him to her in a kiss. Chris responded by grabbing her around
the waist, almost dropping his laptop in the process. Their mouths
opened and her kiss grew into a protracted affair, their tongues
lapping together. Jens’ arms released their hold on his neck, and
moved down to wrap around his waist, then his butt. Her arms pulled
him tight against her, and Jen ground her pelvis against his massive
cock and balls. “Ooooh, I missed this sooo much,” she gasped out
after their lip lock.  
Chris could feel
himself already start to harden. “I thought we were going to watch
me get bigger at your place.”
His hands, contradicting his words, sought out her firm, curvy butt
and pulled her tight against his groin. Jen’s moist mouth sought
out his for another long kiss, exploring his mouth with her tongue.
She finally pulled out of the kiss and breathed softly into his ear,
flicking his earlobe with her hot, pink tongue.  
“We are. I was
just saying hello.” She continued to grind her pelvis against
Chris, his anaconda starting to strain against the spandex as it
swelled. She abruptly pushed him back firmly, though not rudely.
Chris’s slightly hard rod pressed against the baggy pants, his
semi-erection quite visible. “I just wanted to point out that if I wantedto parade you around, it would be pretty easy to do, no matter what
disguise you wore.” She smiled sweetly at him and batted her
lashes. “Now, would you like to show that boner off to all the
boys, or get in the car?”  
She’s got me
there.Chris put his laptop, sweats, and bag in the back seat, then
struggled to get seated in the front. His huge rod, though not
anywhere near maximum size, was preventing him from getting a
comfortable position. Jen giggled at his predicament, then helped him
slide the seat back to where he could, at least, sit down without
discomfort. “Give me a little more time and we’d have to tie your
monster down to the roof like a Christmas tree, Chris.”  
“Not really. I’d
just get in the back seat and let it ride up here with you,” he
replied, laughing. This time, Jen drove back to her apartment at a
more sensible speed. They pulled in to a parking spot, and Jen helped
Chris get his stuff out of the back seat, along with her own
messenger bag. She looked at the laundry bag and gave Chris a
questioning glance.  
“To avoid soaking
your sheets like last night,” he explained.  
“Oh, good. I was
thinking that you were sorely mistaken if you were hoping to get me
to do your laundry. You didn’t bring it; and it’s not happening
“No, nothing like
that. I’m thinking that I probably need to help youwith laundry tonight, considering what happened last night. Now, how
am I going to get up to the room?” Chris pointed at his erection,
which, although nowhere near its full size, was pressing visibly
against the baggy black pants, creating a large tent in the fabric.  
sweetie pie. We just cuddle on the way up.” Jen fitted action to
words, and pressed her pert butt against his shaft, wrapping his arms
around her. Chris could feel his monster stirring again, growing and
straining against the spandex confinement.  
“Uh, Jen? I don’t
know how long that’s gonna work. You feel a little too good for me
to stay calm.” Plus,
if this spandex gets much tighter, my eyes are going to start bugging
“Well, then, we’d
better just hurry.” Jen’s curvy ass bounced against his rod all
the way into the elevator. Chris groaned in discomfort once they were
there, leaning back against the wall and trying to adjust his pants
to give him just a little more room. His fat python was at least
twenty four inches long now and had grown well past his right knee.
The thick shaft was clearly outlined, even in the previously baggy
“What are we going
to do about Tasha and Kimber? I don’t want to have dinner with them
at full mast.”  
“Aw, I was hoping
to use it as a sideboard for the buffet.” She patted his penis
fondly. “You hustle into my room as soon as we get in. I’ll run
interference. I’ll have to start dinner; it’s my night to cook.
While I’m doing that, you can let off some pressure in the bedroom,
okay? When you get yourself back down to a size appropriate for
polite company, put on your sweats and come out. I’ll tell Tasha
and Kimber you had some homework you had to knock out first.”  
“Uh, Jen, if I
jerk off more, I’m gonna be even hungrier. I don’t know if you
really realize how much I need to eat to keep myself stoked. It’s
not normal.” Chris’s stomach rumbled, reminding him. The elevator
doors opened and Jen jumped in front of him again, mashing her butt
into his groin. He sighed with pleasure and wrapped his arms around
her waist.  
“Sweetie, I’ve
delivered pizza for you before. I’ve got gobs of pasta and bread,
plus plenty of side dishes, and desert. There’s a load of snacks in
the cupboard, plus we just bought ice cream last night. If all fails,
I can always order more pizza. Trust me, those big balls of yours are
gonna be as full as I can possibly get them.” She opened her door
and pushed Chris towards her bedroom as she hopped into the living
room in front of Tasha and Kimber, dropping her messenger bag and
Chris’s bundle. “We’re here! Lemme get dinner started. I hope
you guys like baked spaghetti!”  
Chris waddled down
the hall, his growing rod preventing him from bending his right leg.
He heard the girls behind him as he stepped into Jen’s room.  
“Where’s Chris
going?” asked Tasha.  
“Yeah, what’s
his rush? He didn’t even say ‘Hi’,” Kimber complained.  
“He has some
homework he has to jump right on,” Jen explained. “It has to be
submitted tonight, so he needed to get it taken care of immediately.
He’s gonna tackle it with both hands, and then he will be able to
relax and have dinner with us.”  
Chris shut the door
behind him, cutting off their voices. He kicked off his shoes and
nearly tore off his pants, desperate to get the too-snug spandex off
his protesting prick. He finally was able to shuck off the spandex
and his dick sprung up enthusiastically, rapidly ballooning to its
full colossal size now that it was free of the fabric prison. Chris
walked across the room to Jen’s closet, his monstrous pole bobbing
with each step, and grabbed first one, then a couple, of her towels. Ah,
I’m doing laundry anyway.He seated himself comfortably on her bed and, wrapping the towel over
his cock head, began to stroke himself eagerly. Wait
a minute. I’m forgetting something. Chris
laid back and reached into Jen’s bedside table, grabbing a bottle
of Astroglide. He opened it and began squirting it liberally all over
his tremendous shaft. Only
the best for the biggest.Once his entire girth was coated with the lube, Chris clasped his
cock with both hands and began stroking himself even more
enthusiastically. Man!
I’m so horny! It’s been…less than half an hour, actually. I
guess I just need it more now. Feels soooo good.He abandoned himself to the pleaure, immersing himself in his task.
He didn’t hear the girls talking in the other room.  
• • • 
 Part 65.  
Jen was working on
her baked spaghetti as she lectured her roommates. “Look, this is
really important. Chris is self-conscious about his appearance. He’s
at a new school in a new city, and he doesn’t want to stand out. I
don’t want you guys making a big deal about it, OK?”  
“Wait? He doesn’t
want to stand out, but he dresses like a Goth with those huge baggy
pants?”, objected Kimber. I thought that was the point of Goth
wear, to stand out as a Goth. I mean, it’s pretty obvious,
especially ‘cause he’s Asian. I’ve never seen a Goth Asian guy
“Yeah. I never
though I would see you dating a Goth. I though you said they reminded
you of Eddie Munster.” Tasha chimed in, helpfully.  
“He’s nota Goth! He wears those big baggy pants to hide the fact that
he’s…He’s…He is…” Jen was at a loss as to how to explain
this delicately.  
“He’s what?”,
asked Tasha.  
“Arrrgh! He has a
really big penis, okay?” Jen just blurted it out. Both Kimber and
Tasha perked up immediately. “His whole package is gigantic, all
right? It’s like freakishly, unbelievably massive. He wears the
baggy pants to hide the fact that he’s huge.”
She focused on preparing the food and tried to avoid their gaze,
blushing furiously.  
“I knew it!”
Tasha jumped around the kitchen. “I knew you liked guys that were
totally hung! Whenever we were watching porn, you always acted like
you weren’t staring when the really big studs were on screen, but I knewyou were staring at them. So, Chris is hung like those guys? Wow! Do
you think he would let us see it?”  
Kimber grabbed a
kitchen towel and snapped it at Tasha’s butt. “Would you shut up?
Just because you are fixated on pics and videos doesn’t mean that
everyone is. Anyway, you would know that Jen had a thing for
well-endowed guys if you ever listened to her talk about Todd.”  
“Who?”, asked
Tasha, rubbing her butt.  
“Todd, the guy she
dated when she was a senior in high school. Jen complains about what
a spineless creep he was, but she dated him all year. She said he was
‘pretty big’ more than once, so she must have been willing to put
up with him for that. Is Chris as big as Todd was, Jen?”  
Jen snorted out
loud. “Ha! As if! Chris is over twice as big soft as Todd ever was,
hard!” Am
I really that transparent about my size fetish? I thought I hid it
pretty well.  
“Hang on, that
doesn’t make sense.” Tasha scrunched up her face, remembering.
“When we were partying Friday before last, you said that your ex
was almost nine inches. If Chris is twice as big soft,
he would be eighteen inches long before he had a hard on. Did you
mean that Chris is twice as big hardas Todd was soft? No, that doesn’t sound very impressive. I’m
There was no way
around it. Jen bit the bullet. “I meant what I said. Chris is over
twice as big softas Todd was hard. He’s nineteen inches.”  
Both Tasha and
Kimber erupted in unison. “No freaking way!”  
“You have to be
kidding. That’s impossible,” said Kimber, shaking her head.  
“Pics or it didn’t
happen!”, cried Tasha.  
“No! No pics! No
questions! No staring! “ Jen waved the wooden spoon in warning. “I
told you; he’s really shy about this. I don’t want to have to
smuggle him past you guys each time we come in. He’s going to come
out here and have dinner and hang out with us. Nobody’s taking
pictures of him, orvideo, Tasha, and nobody’s posting about it on their blog, or
Facebook, or Twitter. I mean it, Kimber. If you make one tweet about
this, I will never forgive you.” She took a deep breath. “I like
Chris, and I want him to feel like he can be himself with me, and not
put on an act like he has to on campus, okay?”  
Both girls
reluctantly nodded their acquiescence. Oh,
crap. I forgot to mention the other thing. Jen turned back to her
“There’s just
one other thing.”  
“What now?”
cried Kimber.  
“He has twothings?!?” exclaimed Tasha, shortly before Kimber snapped the towel
at her again.  
“Chris not only
has a really big penis, but his testicles are really big, too. They
are large normally, but when he hasn’t ‘expressed’ himself for
a while, they get enormous.
Please don’t tease him about it, okay?” She looked to her
roommates for their agreement.  

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> > "What's the problem with using as a subnet
> > mask if you want to make a LAN subnet with 12 hosts?"
> >   (5 word answer)

> My response would be: Discontiguous subnet masks were allowed in the pre-CIDR
> era. If you so desire, give me about 2 hours since I do not have a scientific
> calculator handy; and I will get back to you with the complete-list.

> Definitely not 5 words as required from the HR stand point. So I get
> disqualified again!

Hehehe.  Ok.  So if this was 1986 then the answer would be:

No Hosts on the Network.

There is only 1 host bit, and both available addresses would be reserved for the directed-broadcast and subnet-broadcast address respectively, leaving no space for an actual host, let alone 12 of them.

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