F-ckin Leap Seconds, how do they work?

Keith Medcalf kmedcalf at dessus.com
Tue Jul 3 22:20:14 UTC 2012

> Leap seconds are to align the artificial and very stable atomic timescale
> with the irregular and slowing rotation of the earth.

You are assuming facts not in evidence.  The rotation is merely irregular within the capabilities of our scheme of measurement, calculation, and observation.  Once upon a time eclipses of the sun and moon were "random magic", before the mechanism was understood.  So to the periodic cycles of the rotation of the earth about its axis, the planet about the sun, etc., are viewed as "magical".  This is not due to magic, but rather limitations of understanding.

Leap seconds are to align the artifical timescale (which we presently assume, based on facts not in evidence) to be very stable with the simple observation of the equinox and zenith of the sun, on which "time" reconning is based.

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