Hijacked Network Ranges - paging Cogent and GBLX/L3

Ido Szargel ido at oasis-tech.net
Tue Jan 31 20:06:03 UTC 2012

I would go at first by advertising your prefixes as a /24 as well, just
randomly checked 2 different locations and the as-path to 11325 is shorter
than to 33611
This seems to be the case for customers of Tiscali and L3, so this will
probably get most of your traffic back to you...


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Greetings all.

We've been in a 12+ hour ordeal requesting that AS19181 (Cavecreek Internet
Exchange) immediately filter out network blocks that are being advertised by
ASAS33611 (SBJ Media, LLC) who provided to them a forged LOA.

The routes for networks:,, and are registered in various IRRs all as having an origin AS
11325 (ours), and are directly allocated to us.

The malicious hijacking is being announced as /24s therefore making route
selection pick them.

Our customers and services have been impaired.  Does anyone have any
contacts for anyone at Cavecreek that would actually take a look at ARINs
WHOIS, and IRRs so the networks can be restored and our services back in

Additionally, does anyone have any suggestion for mitigating in the interim?
Since we can't announce as /25s and IRRs are apparently a pipe dream.

Kelvin Williams
Sr. Service Delivery Engineer
Broadband & Carrier Services
Altus Communications Group, Inc.

"If you only have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail." --
Abraham Maslow

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