IP KVM suggestions

Randy McAnally rsm at fast-serv.com
Tue Jan 31 03:55:25 UTC 2012

+1 on lantronix.  Also does serial console.  Lots of settings.  Beats the pants off other units in terms of flexibility and configuration options.  

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On Jan 30, 2012, at 9:11 PM, Jeff Fisher <nanog at techmonkeys.org> wrote:

>> Lantronix Spider is a small, portable, affordable and web enabled IP KVM.
>> Supports ISO mounting and has USB connections.
>> http://www.lantronix.com/it-management/kvm-over-ip/securelinx-spider.html
>> It is a single server unit. So if you want to connect many servers at the
>> same time, it might not be the best option as the price quickly escalates.
>> However, if you buy one and just move it from server to server (which is
>> what I got from your email), then it is a pretty good fit. Java based web
>> interface, not the greatest, but it works.
> I've got a few Lantronix Spiders and I love them; however, I would opt to get the external power adapter instead of just relying on the unit drawing power from the computer it's connected to.
> Also, there is a PS2 + USB model available that I'd recommend getting if you have any older gear which doesn't support USB keyboards while in the BIOS.
> I think they go for around $260 + another $20 or so for the external power adapter.
> Jeff

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