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>> > I have a need for a small, portable, web based IP kvm with decent
>> > features that doesn't break the bank.  Preferably something that
>> > supports ISO mounting from http or ftp and USB connectivity.  Would
>> > also prefer something browser independent.  Small plugin like the
>> > Raritan devices would be acceptable too. It will be used internally for
>> > Remote access while building devices pre deployment to customers.  Any
>> > suggestions?
>> > 
>> > Thanks!
>> > 
>> > Blake
> Lantronix Spider is a small, portable, affordable and web enabled IP KVM.
> Supports ISO mounting and has USB connections.
> http://www.lantronix.com/it-management/kvm-over-ip/securelinx-spider.html
> It is a single server unit. So if you want to connect many servers at the
> same time, it might not be the best option as the price quickly escalates.
> However, if you buy one and just move it from server to server (which is
> what I got from your email), then it is a pretty good fit. Java based web
> interface, not the greatest, but it works.
> For multiple server access from a single unit, look at the Dell 2161DS
> (rebranded Avocent units) line. They are abundant on ebay, and relatively
> inexpensive, and can expand to up to 128 servers (via add on PEM modules -
> the unit has 16 ports and you connect a PEM to one of the ports and you can
> connect up to 8 servers to the PEM 16 x 8 = 128). The 2161DS-2 also supports
> ISO mounting when using USB dongles (the 2161DS does not). Java based client
> software... Dell isn't supporting the 2161DS software any more apparently
> and won't install natively on Windows 7,
I have it running on Windows7, but it has to be "Run As Administrator"
>  but the software can be installed
> on an XP machine and then copied, this also works for linux, etc.
> Tom Walsh
If security is a concern, then you will probably want to only use the
2161-DS behind a VPN, if at all.  The session authentication is fairly
weak and supports no ACLs.  It does support lock-out on multiple bad
authentication attempts though.


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