Craigslist outage

Matthew Black Matthew.Black at
Sat Jan 28 09:14:52 UTC 2012

Thanks everyone for the updates.

It looks like redirects to the nearest geographical craigslist site. Mine redirects to, which is down.

Is it possible that some high-volume internet caching centers have gone down?

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On Sat, Jan 28, 2012 at 08:56:31AM +0000, Matthew Black wrote:
> Accessing from Southern California.
> Cannot get any pages to view, except a few "about" pages.
> Status says runs good, but cannot pull up any city sites or the basic home page 
> Anyone else having trouble or are you able to get in?

Works fine from Long Island, NY.

I see that immediately loads;
maybe the latter is broken? (From here, it subsequently loads

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