US DOJ victim letter

Carlos Alcantar carlos at
Fri Jan 27 18:12:16 UTC 2012

Today it looks like we have received the letter from the DOJ which gives
us login information, for listing of ip's within our network that where
affected with date and time stamps.  Anyone else get these yet?

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> On a less serious note, did anyone notice the numbers on the
> link? I'm pretty sure they are implying those are IP addresses.
> 123.456.789 and 987.654.321. Must be the same folks that do the Nexus
> documentation for Cisco.
For illustration purposes, for a non-techincal audience, it seems (at
least somewhat) reasonable to use 'nonets' instead of octets.  After
all, 'no nets' are clearly not what DNS -should- be returning. *GRIN*

And, of course, systems using the traditional unix dotted-quad to binary
conversion logic _will_ happily convert those strings to a 32-bit int.

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