XBOX 720: possible digital download mass service.

Sean Harlow sean at
Fri Jan 27 15:29:59 UTC 2012

It doesn't have to.  Look at Steam on the PC, where digital distribution has been the norm for years (I literally can't remember the last physical copy PC game I purchased).  Preorder a game and it gets preloaded in an encrypted form days to weeks in advance of release.  On release day, the content is simply activated, you get the key, your PC decrypts it, and you go play.

On a well designed digital distribution system the release second traffic spike should be a lot less than you'd think.
Sean Harlow
sean at

On Jan 27, 2012, at 5:35 AM, Tei wrote:

> The question is:
> Can internet in USA support that?   Call of Duty 15 releases may 2014
> and 30 million gamers start downloading a 20 GB files.  Would the
> internet collapse like a house of cards?.

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