XBOX 720: possible digital download mass service.

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Fri Jan 27 10:59:38 UTC 2012

Just curious to know at what bandwidth big ISP's like AT&T, Verizon,
Level3, Cogent etc are operating? Are all at or above 40Gbps core bandwidth?

On Fri, Jan 27, 2012 at 4:26 PM, Randy Bush <randy at> wrote:

> > Can internet in USA support that?   Call of Duty 15 releases may 2014
> > and 30 million gamers start downloading a 20 GB files.  Would the
> > internet collapse like a house of cards?.
> not a problem.  the vast majority of the states is like a developing
> country [0], the last mile is pretty much a tin can and a string.  so
> this will effectively throttle the load.
> randy
> [0] - no insult to the dev cons intended


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