XBOX 720: possible digital download mass service.

Tei oscar.vives at
Fri Jan 27 10:35:49 UTC 2012

This seems the right mail list to ask this.

Consoles have a lifespan of 5 years. The current generation is 6 years
old. There are rumours that production of the GPU's for the new
generation has started in asia. So the new consoles can come in 2013.

Theres also a rumour that these new consoles will require internet to
download games. These games can weigth 9 to 20 GB.  That may be 30
million users in USA, maybe 50 worldwide.

The question is:

Can internet in USA support that?   Call of Duty 15 releases may 2014
and 30 million gamers start downloading a 20 GB files.  Would the
internet collapse like a house of cards?.

If not, will be internet USA ready for the next next generation? ( 2018 ).

ℱin del ℳensaje.

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