Choice of address for IPv6 default gateway

Jeff Hartley intensifysecurity at
Thu Jan 26 22:26:24 UTC 2012

I have sites using "all of the above", and concur with Owen's comment
regarding it being a "personal preference" issue.

RA route learning simply "works", and I (surprisingly) have not yet
had problems where the high/med/low settings were not correctly
honored (95% Cent/Deb environments, FWIW).  FAIR WARNING:  You should
tune your advertisement interval, valid lifetime, etc. to values
appropriate to your environment, as most router defaults I've worked
with are quite high.

The issue of using FE80::1 everywhere (as the virtual IP in your FHRP
of choice) is operationally a wash, in terms of perceived complexity
from the front lines.  Do people give me quizzical expressions the
first time they learn/use it?  Absolutely.  But a small amount of
"getting comfortable" with def.gwy subnet =/= the intentionally
provisioned subnet is outweighed by the ease of "oh, it's the same
everywhere now."

FHRPs gaining the use of global prefixes seems to be coming along
nicely across product lines, although not yet universally supported.

...and on the <?!?> front, I'd just as soon use the VRRP virtual MAC +
ID formula converted to EUI-64, but the RFC says you're not supposed
to.  :)

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