Populating BGP from Connected or IGP routes

Thilo Bangert thilo.bangert at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 10:02:18 UTC 2012

> If you're a little bigger and have BGP customers, then I highly recommend
> use of BGP communities to control your outbound route filtering.  By
> defining and setting communties on received customer routes, you can turn
> up new BGP customers without having to modify anything beyond the router
> they're connected to.  It amazes me that there are large networks still
> not setup this way.  "You need an after hours maintenance window to turn
> up a BGP customer?"  "Yeah, we have to modify the prefix list filters on
> all our backbone routers."  WTF?

What about traffic filtering? You may use RPF for ingress traffic, but what to 
do about egress? Or does your router write those ACLs based on BGP community?


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