Choice of address for IPv6 default gateway

Owen DeLong owen at
Wed Jan 25 23:22:37 UTC 2012

On Jan 25, 2012, at 7:06 AM, Leo Bicknell wrote:

> In a message written on Wed, Jan 25, 2012 at 03:41:36PM +0100, Daniel STICKNEY wrote:
>> I've seen some documentation using <prefix>::1 with either a global
>> prefix or link-local (fe80::1). Anyone use either of these in production
>> and have negative or positive feedback? fe80::1 is seductive because it
>> is short and the idea of having the same default gateway configured
>> everywhere might be simple. At the same time using the same address all
>> around the network seems to invite confusion or problems if two
>> interfaces with the address ever ended up in the same broadcast domain.
> I don't think the industry has really found a best practice to
> document yet.  There are people trying different ideas.  We find
> the following convention allows us to keep things organized:
> <prefix>::1                  - Default gateway
> <prefix>::<last octect IPv4> - Statically assigned servers.
> <prefix>:<eui-64>            - Auto-configured host
> If you need them to co-exist, you can also do things like:
> <prefix>::<10240-20480>        - DHCP Pool

I'll note that 10240-20480 are not valid IPv6 suffixes and that you
would need to represent that as <prefix>::<2800-5000> and would
probably be better off to use something more like <prefix>::8:* as
your DHCP pool.


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